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Student Financial Services

Submit a Question about e-bills, viewing monthly statements,
    or submit an Account Itemization Request...

If you have a question about a transaction on your student account, please see these options:

To submit a request for an account itemization

Click here to request an account itemization, which is a list of transactions for a specific timeframe, which is sent by email to the student's official USC email address (ending '').

For NEW students:

NEW student access to begins when we assess the 1st semester's tuition & fees, which is after you have enrolled in classes and charges have been posted to your student account, even if a commitment deposit has already been paid.
If you are a NEW student, online financial services and billing statements will not be available until after you have registered!

See Monthly Billing Schedule ...

Accessing (and monthly billing statements):

Student access to and monthly billing statements is available online from OASIS or myUSC . E-bill notices are sent each month when a new bill is generated (see billing schedule). Transactions which occur after a billing statement (and before the next monthly statement gets created) are listed on the TRANSACTIONS page of

Guest access is set up by the student in either OASIS or, after which the guest may login immediately by going to: . Only the student can:

  • authorize guest users (ie: create/update guest user profiles)
  • look up guest passwords
  • enter/update guest email addresses

About e-bills:

Shortly after each monthly payment deadline (always on a Friday, by 5pm), new monthly billing statements are generated and e-bill notices (see samples of e-bill text) are then sent to:

  1. student's official USC email address (ending with '')
  2. student's alternate email address on
  3. any guest email address(es) as authorized by the student on OASIS or

About monthly billing statements (generated 12 times per year):

If a student does not register early or if they are receiving federal Financial Aid (which posts a few days before the start of classes), a new statement which includes all tuition, fees AND financial aid cannot possibly be available before the Fall / Spring payment deadline (although the amount due will be available online in How to estimate costs of attendance...

For students who register early: Fall & Spring tuition fees are not posted until approximately 1 month prior to the start of classes.  Shortly thereafter non-federal Financial Aid begins to post, and then the Fall / Spring billing statements are generated (about 1 month before the settlement deadline). If you need a Fall / Spring term billing statement, please be sure to register early. (See Schedule of Classes ). Federal Financial Aid does not post until a few days before the start of classes...

Please note that although we generate billing statements twelve times per year, the billing date cycles are sometimes more than 30 days apart to accomodate the processing of our bills on weekends. You may go online to review transactions which have been posted to since the last billing date if you wish to see the transactions which will appear on your next billing statement (except for transactions where the posted transaction and a reversal transaction to correct an error occur within the same billing period).

VIEWING Monthly Billing Statements:

  • Some corporate firewalls or network setups may allow you to access, but will then prevent access to our 'pdf' statements because our system uses a non-standard port. If you cannot access our billing statements, you will need to use a different computer or another location to access billing statements.  Parents may also ask the student to print a copy of the statement and then mail it, or 'save' a copy of the statement and email it as an attachment.
  • If you are using the Safari browser on a MAC, please minimize all your windows and check your desktop to be sure that a 'pdf' file has not been downloaded automatically to the desktop. If not, you may wish to try using the 'Firefox' browser (go to to download the free firefox browser) to view and print statements.

    Please note that statements are 'pdf' documents and require the use of Adobe's free Acrobat Reader, available at:

International Students:

  • Please go to the OIS website for assistance if you need to request a Letter of Standing, etc.

QUESTIONS about PAYMENTS & PAYMENT METHODS (Wire Transfers, Online Payments, etc):


For currently registered & enrolled USC students: ( NEW / un-registered students: please read information above)

  I am not receiving monthly e-bill notices to my official USC email address
      (the one which ends in '')
I am using a PC and cannot access statements at home or at school in the computer lab
I am using a Mac with Firefox and cannot access statements
at home or at school in the computer lab

Please note that your current account balance is available on's OVERVIEW page,
   also, you may review detail for your 30 most recent TRANSACTIONS on,
   and older transactions are available by reviewing monthly billing STATEMENTS on

Click here to request an account itemization (list of transactions).
      Please note that transaction listing will be sent to official USC email address...

For parents /or/ guests of a current USC student:

I am an OASIS guest, but I am not receiving monthly e-bill notices
I am a CashNet / guest, but I am not receiving monthly e-bill notices
I am a Parent/Guest using a PC at home with Firefox and cannot access statements
I am a Parent/Guest using a PC at work with Firefox and cannot access statements
I am a Parent/Guest using a Mac at home with Firefox and cannot access statements
I am a Parent/Guest using a Mac at work with Firefox and cannot access statements

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Please do not use this webpage to ask about payments, specific transactions / charges, refunds or Financial Aid (loans, scholarships, etc.)...
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