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To avoid late fees and penalties, payments should be received by the university by the settlement deadline. Inability to access or use does not relieve students from the responsibility to meet the settlement deadline.

About various Payment Methods:

  • International Drafts (must be payable to "University of Southern California";  Drafts not drawn on U.S. banks may take several additional weeks, and the amount may be reduced by domestic bank collection charges and will be subject to currency exchange rates determined at the time our bank receives the check.
  • Payment Plan payments do not post to student accounts. Access to the Payment Plan system is available from OASIS (not If enrollment is completed by 6:00 pm on normal business days, the Payment Plan budget amount will be posted to the student account that night, anything after that time will be posted at night on the following business day.
  • Mailed Payments: domestic bank checks mailed in the U.S. may take 5-10 business days to be received & processed by our bank. Express or Over-nite mailing of your payment to our PO Box will cause a delay as there is no-one to sign for delivery.
  • Online Bank Payments from Checking/Savings Accounts: if you entered an online payment using, it takes up to 10 days for your payment to clear and we receive the funds. If you see a 'Web Check Declined' transaction on, most likely you have entered an incorrect bank account or routing number and you will need to contact your bank to find out what the correct numbers are.
  • Online Credit/Debit Card Payments: If your U.S. Bank debit card payment is declined even though you have sufficient funds, it may be because of the amount and you will need to contact your bank for assistance.
    International debit / credit cards may be declined because the issuing bank frequently requires a phone call for verbal confirmation of ID before the amount can be authorized.

    If you would like to use a debit / credit card drawn off an international bank please make sure your bank is aware of the pending charge. USC receives "not approved" on payments made using international debit / credit cards at a much higher frequency than on debit / credit cards drawn on U.S. banks. This is typically because the foreign bank is not aware that you are attending a U.S. school and may consider the charge and the dollar amount to be potential fraud.
  • Wire transfers coming from outside the U.S. can take several (3-4) weeks to reach us, please plan early to avoid late fees.
    Wire transfers are posted to your student account as soon as we receive notification from our bank. < more >
  • About Stipends: please go to Financial Aid website
  • About Tuition Assistance for:
  • Read all of our Payment FAQ's

Tuition and Fees for ALL students, including those whose tuition has been deferred, become an obligation in accordance with the provisions of the Drop/Refund Policy as explained in the Schedule of Classes for the term in question. This financial obligation is between the student and USC.

Tuition and fees are due, in full, prior to the settlement deadline. Failure to make payment of any indebtedness to the USC when due, including, but not limited to, tuition, deferred tuition, housing, student loans, lab and special fees, is considered sufficient cause, until the debt is settled with USC to (1) bar the student from classes or examinations; (2) withhold diploma, scholastic certificate, or transcripts; (3) bar the student from University Housing; (4) suspend any and all university services and privileges; (5) suspend the student; (6) assign the account to a collection agency; and (7) report the student as delinquent to a credit bureau. This policy will be equally enforced against debts discharged through bankruptcy. USC may take any or all of these actions at its option.

USC reserves the right to assess late settlement and/or late registration fees in addition to the monthly finance charge. The Schedule of Classes for a given term will detail the late fee policy and due dates for that term.

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