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Important Facts to know:

  • Per Federal guidelines, fall/spring Federal student aid does not post to student accounts until approximately 1 week before the start of classes. For summer terms, federal student aid is posted on the first day of classes. Refunds may be automatic ACH/Direct Deposit if you have signed up for that service, otherwise they must be requested and will be by check.
  • If you are signed up for Payment Plan, refund requests must go to Student Financial Services at for approval.
  • CHECK refunds: If you have NOT signed up for eRefunds (ACH / Direct Deposit service) and did not over-pay using a credit card, your refund will be by a check mailed to you which may take up to a minimum of an additional 10 business days for processing and mailing (longer if mailed outside US), AFTER you see the debit post to your student account. <<Request a check refund>>
  • eRefunds (ACH / Direct Deposit service): (note: automatic refunds are processed year-round)
    • eRefund applications require 5-7 business days to process (as we contact your bank for permission to make deposits) before the student account can become eligible for processing automatic (ACH) refunds.
    • eRefunds are deducted from your student account when processed, and transferred to your bank that day, HOWEVER it may take your bank 2 to 3 business days to make the money available to your bank account. If you see a refund transaction on your student account, you may contact your bank to find out when it will post.
  • If you over-paid by check / online account transfer payment, our bank requires 10 business days after payment receipt (to clear your bank) before such payments become eligible to be considered for a refund.

For more information about REFUNDS, qualifying credit balances, refund methods, overpayment, etc., please go to

Type of REFUND problem:

I signed up for eRefunds (ACH / Direct Deposit service) 4 or more business days ago,
      but I do not see a refund transaction listed on my student account.
I see that a refund (debit transaction) was posted on my student account 3 or more
      business days ago, but the money has not yet appeared in my bank account, and
      my bank does not show anything pending.
I see that a refund (debit transaction) was posted on my student account 10 or more
      business days ago, and my billing address is correct, but I have not yet
      received a refund check.
I have a question about a Parent PLUS loan refund...

Explanation of Problem:

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Once you see a "Cashiers' Office" refund transaction post to your student account (see RECENT ACTIVITY on CashNet /

Transactions called "ACH Refund" or "Bank Card Adjustment" or posted by "Cashier's Office" indicate that a refund or correcting entry has been processed...

2-3 days Automatic eRefunds (ACH/Direct Deposit):
Once you see the "Cashier's Office" credit transaction on your student account, your refund has been processed and submitted to your bank.  The money will be posted to your bank account 2-3 business days later, depending on your bank (i.e.: Refunds processed on Fridays should be available by Wednesday. Refunds processed on Monday should be available by Thursday).
Credit Card refunds (Bank Card Adjustment):
If you signed up for direct deposit, but settled any portion of your student account with a credit card, USC policy is that the portion paid by credit card must be credited back first. Credit Card refund processing time is 7–10 business days.  Any additional monies may then be processed as an ACH refund which will post to your bank account (see above).
10+ days Check refunds (by mail only):
Your refund may take up to a minimum of an additional 10 business days for processing, printing and mailing (longer if mailed outside US).
Rev: 03/17/2014