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Student Financial Services

Request an itemization of transactions on your student account...

You may also:
  • review recent (since the last billing statement) student account transactions in by clicking on the TRANSACTIONS tab.
  • review ALL transactions in by going through monthly billing statements (click on the STATEMENTS tab).

For NEW students:

NEW student access to begins when we assess the 1st semester's tuition & fees, which is after you have enrolled in classes and charges have been posted to your student account, even if a commitment deposit has already been paid.
If you are a NEW student, online financial services and billing statements will not be available until after you have registered!


Student access to and Billing statements is available online from OASIS or myUSC .
Guest access is set up by the student in either OASIS or, after which the guest may login by going to:

If a student does not register early or if they are receiving federal Financial Aid (which posts a few days before the start of classes), a new statement which includes all tuition, fees AND financial aid cannot possibly be available before the Fall / Spring payment deadline (although the amount due will be available online in How to estimate costs of attendance...

For students who register early: Fall & Spring tuition fees are not posted until approximately 1 month prior to the start of classes.  Shortly thereafter non-federal Financial Aid begins to post, and then the Fall / Spring billing statements are generated (about 1 month before the settlement deadline). If you need a Fall / Spring term billing statement, please be sure to register early. (See Schedule of Classes at: )

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Rev: 05/27/2015