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Student Financial Services

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     OUR DEPARTMENTS (office hours: Mon-Fri, 9a-5p):

Cashier's Office
STU 106 / SRH-101B
Student Account Services
PSB 106
So.Cal.: 213-740-7471
Other: 800-225-1222
Student Financial Services
PSB 100
University Collections
PSB 115
Academic Records & Registrar - 213-740-4080 - TRO-101
Admissions - 213-740-1111 - SKS
Financial Aid - 213-740-4444 - JHH
Health Center (Insurance/Fee Information) - SHC
    - University Park 213-740-0551
    - Health Sciences Campus 323-442-5989
Housing - PSX
    - Southern California - 213-740-2546
    - Outside So Cal - 800-872-4632

Meal Plans - 213-740-8709 - PSX
Parking / Transportation - 213-740-3575 - PSX
Registration - 213-740-8500 - TRO-101
Student Affairs - 213-740-2421
USCard - 213-740-8709 - PSX


If clicking a TOPIC radio button below takes you to a new web page, PLEASE use that department's "Contact-Us" or "Customer Feedback" form to submit your question directly to them.

ADMISSIONS Admissions Questions: please go to the Admissions website at:


If you are expecting Financial Aid that has not yet posted, and you have signed your MPN,
please log in to USC FAST or contact Financial Aid for assistance.

Fall/spring federal financial aid begins posting the week before the start of classes.
Summer federal financial aid begins posting the first day of class.
All students receive e-mail notification when awards are available to view online.

Login to USC FAST to see your most current Financial Aid info
    (available from or Financial Aid's TOOLBOX - upper right).
For information / questions / help:

OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL SERVICES OIS provides advising services and support for international students and scholars at USC.
      See OIS website for: Letter of Standing, estimated Tuition & Fees, etc.
      About International Drafts | Wire Transfers
      FAQ: How do I wire transfer payment to USC before I come to the U.S?

About Charges: Student Account Services cannot remove charges assessed by other
      departments, please see the 'About Charges' webpage for information about departments
      assessing charges and how to contact them.
Account Itemization requests (submit a request for a transaction listing for your account.)
Health Center, Health Fees, or Health Insurance (& rates):
      Note: spring student health insurance includes summer coverage, and is higher than fall.
      We cannot remove Health Center charges, please see the Health Center webste for
      assistance at:
Housing: We cannot remove Housing charges, please see the Housing website
      for assistance with housing and housing issues:
Late Fees when payments are not made by due date (see billing statement information)
Rejected Items (bounced checks, etc.)
Tuition Refund Insurance (TRI): We cannot add/remove these charges, please go to
      WebReg to change your TRI election. (see term Registration Calendar for change deadline)

Access to Students: use MyUSC
                                         Guests: use OASIS for Guests or Direct login
                                        (please note that only students have access to maintain guest info)
Account Issues:
           In So Cal call: 213-740-7471,
           Outside Southern California, please call: 800-225-1222.
  • Bank information for eRefunds: go to to add/change stored banking profiles...
  • Billing Statements (see monthly billing schedule): To receive a billing statement which includes all of your fall/spring tuition, please pre-register / register at least 40 days before the start of classes (exact deadline will be listed on our homepage ). Summer tuition posts at the time of registration and is due when billed. Billing statements are generated twelve times per year, immediately following payment/settlement deadlines. Please note that for fall/spring terms, all tuition & fees are due by the settlement deadline. If you register late, tuition & fees are due by 5pm on the Friday of the week in which the change occurred.
    See: archive of monthly e-bill notices / monthly billing schedule
  • International Student estimates: Please contact the Office of International Services.
  • New Student System Access: New student accounts on are created (and online services become available) when we assess the first semester's tuition & fees, even if a commitment deposit has been paid. For pre-registered students, fall/spring tuition & fees post 1 month before the start of classes.
Payment Options: read about all our Payment Options here...
      Fall/Spring refunds of eligible credit balances begin the Wednesday before classes start.
      Read about eRefunds (automatic; bank: 2-3 days, credit cards: 7-10 days)
      Read refund guidelines ; see Schedule of Classes for session refund dates
Withdrawals    (FAQ's about Withdrawals)
       All withdrawals must be processed by WebReg, or go to:

/Tax Forms
Taxes: 1098-E forms - informational webpage
Taxes: 1098-T forms- informational webpage | International Student's & 1098-T's
           1098-T forms were prepared for all domestic students regardless of SSN status, plus
           any international students who had an SSN or ITIN on file as of 1/10/15.
           If you have any questions about the 1098-E or 1098-T documents, about the
           information reported on them, or if you need to request ECSI system access:
           To get your 1098-T: go to OASIS and click on the "1098T (ECSI)" link Under "My Account"
           FAQ: How do I correct my Tax-ID number (SSN or ITIN)?
           FAQ: How do I correct my name, birthdate, USC-ID, SSN, ITIN...?
Taxes: Canadian TL11A tax forms - click here to submit an online request...

HOLDS: Collections 'Hold': send an email about Past-due Student Accounts and/or Holds...
Health Center 'Hold': please contact the Health Center regarding Holds for Health Insurance,
      questionable charges, missing proof of mandatory measles shot, etc.  
      Or, go to: or call (213)740-0551.

LOANS: ALL Title IV Authorizations are now online, using (we do not accept paper forms.)
Federal loans and some other loan funds cannot post until the week before classes start.
Questions? PLEASE CONTACT Financial Aid.
About Loans (and lots more LOAN information on the Financial Aid website)
Promissory Notes (MPN's) for the following loan types (handled online at
Emergency, Institutional, Health Professions Student, and Perkins.
Exit Interviews (mandatory exit loan counseling) for:

USC Payment Plan: Sign up on please wait at least 24 hours after registration.
      (click here to read more about Payment Plan...)
      Use: Payment Plan page to add/change stored banking payment info...
USC Payment Plan: Budget Changes: (click here to go to PP change request webpage...)
USC Payment Plan Problem: (please enter problem description below, in COMMENT).

      & Other

529 Plans / Education Savings Plans / Qualified Tuition Programs
Electronic Check payments (ACH): payment drawn on U.S. banking institutions only...
(read about domestic and international checks & drafts)
Credit Cards: accepts: Visa, MasterCard, Discover | About Foreign card use
Payment Due Dates: see list for current year: Monthly Student Account Due Dates ('pdf')
Payment Problem (please choose type):
      note: USC employees eligible for tuition reimbursement (TAB) must re-apply each term...
RAs, TAs, Assistant Lecturers (Graduate Assistance):
      Please review the Graduate Assistant Handbook located at:
      Please contact your department's AID coordinator for assistance...
Sponsored Students: students sponsored by a company, a local, state, federal,
      or international governmental agency, or branch of the US military...
Wire Transfers: see for
      WU Business Solutions wire transfer requests (no fee assessed by USC)

OTHER: Online Systems Access / Login: Students access using MyUSC
      Guests access using OASIS for Guests or Direct login
      (please contact student for login info)
International Students: Payment & Student Services
Office of International Services (OIS): Letter of Standing, estimated Tuition & Fees...
       Grad Admissions | About International Drafts | Wire Transfers)

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