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Student Financial Services

Check Refund Request Form (will be mailed)

If you are not signed up for eRefunds, you may complete this form to request a mailed refund check of a qualifying credit balance on your Student (CRS) Account (when the credit balance is NOT the result of debit/credit card overpayment).

If the credit on your student account is the result of a debit/credit card overpayment, please use:
    <Debit/Credit Card Payment Refund Request>.

Once you see a refund transaction post to your student account (see TRANSACTIONS page), it takes up to 10 additional business days for processing and mailing of the check. Checks mailed outside the U.S. will take longer.

Please do not use this form if:

  • you have signed up for USC Payment Plan -or- if the credit balance is a result of USC Payment Plan
    If you have a payment plan account, you must contact Student Financial Services at (213) 740-4077, or send email to: to submit a refund request.
  • you have a credit balance as a result of: debit/credit card payments or debit/credit card payments combined with any other transactions including loan advances. Please use the Credit Card Refund Request form so that we may first refund your debit/credit card up to the amount you charged.  Any credit balance remaining can then be refunded to you by check or ACH (direct deposit) at your request.

Original Payment Method:

Checking /or/ Savings (any U.S. Bank other than USC Credit Union)
If you are requesting a refund of a qualifying credit balance resulting from an overpayment made via a checking or savings account, we cannot process a refund until we have confirmation from our bank that your payment has been settled, which may take a minimum of 10 business days.
If you are requesting a refund of a qualifying credit balance resulting from:
        Financial Aid (scholarships, loans, etc.), TAB, etc.
* required
* required, please enter your 10-digit USC-ID
(optional, format is "nnn" "nnn-nnnn")
USC Email
* required, ends in ""
Other Email Address:
Please enter address* to be used when mailing refund check.
The address entered must match the address displayed on OASIS.
I have checked my account on and currently have a credit balance on my student account.
I would like to request a refund check to be mailed to me at the address entered above...

note: Payroll and Stipend payments are not handled by Student Financial Services.
Please contact your Home Department coordinator or Financial Aid Office regarding these payments.

I am NOT signed up for the eRefund (ACH / Direct Deposit) service...
      please mail a refund check to the address entered above.
Processing Time for ACH Applications:
5-7 days Automatic (ACH) setup for NEW eRefund applicants or bank account changes:
ACH / Direct Deposit APPLICATIONS require 3-5 business days for handling (as we prenote your account, ie: electronically notify your bank that we will send refunds to your account). Once the prenote process has completed, a refund request may begin processing, which takes an additional 2-3 business days.
Once you see a refund transaction post on your student account (see TRANSACTIONS)
2-3 days Automatic eRefunds (ACH/Direct Deposit - when no credit card payments were used):
Once you see the "Cashier's Office" refund on your student account, your refund has been processed and submitted to your bank.  The money will be posted to your bank account 2-3 business days later, depending on your bank (i.e.: Refunds processed on Fridays should be available by Wednesday. Refunds processed on Monday should be available by Thursday).
7-10 Debit / Credit Card refunds:
If you settled any portion of your student account with a debit/credit card, the portion paid by debit/credit card is credited back first. Debit/Credit Card refund processing time may take up to 10 business days.  Any additional monies will be processed as an ACH or check refund.
(See REFUNDS for information about refund processing time on other types of refunds)
10+ days Check refunds (by mail only):
Your refund may take up to a minimum of an additional 10 business days for processing and mailing (longer if mailed outside US).

Rev. 02/08/2016