One Day Update Seminars

The USC Foundation has developed the One Day Seminar to offer backflow prevention assembly testers and cross-connection control program specialists an opportunity to be refreshed on current field test procedures and cross-connection control topics.  Furthermore, all attendees will be eligible for continuing education units (CEU’s).

The one-day seminar is not meant to be a replacement for the USC Foundation week long tester or specialist training courses.

Attending the one-day seminar may also help fulfill a student’s requirements for CEU’s. Many attendees who attend a USC Foundation training course follow it up by taking a certification exam from a local health/water department or from a national organization.  Many of these certification organizations require that the student complete a number of contact hours to maintain their certification year after year.  As mentioned above, attendees at the one-day seminar will be eligible for 0.6 CEU’s, the equivalent of 6 contact hours.

Seminar Highlights


Codes and Regulations
Recycled Water
Field Test Procedures Update
One Topic Per Seminar

Contact Hours

Attendees are eligible for 0.6 CEU's which is equivalent to 6 contact hours


Provided for all attendees of any seminar

Upcoming One Day Seminar Dates and Topics

13 November 2014

Seminar Topic: Field Test Procedures

Ideal for attendees who are familiar with field-testing backflow preventers, but may need some review and or to become familiar with changes in the Tenth Edition of the Manual of Cross-Connection Control. Discussions will include the differences between the Ninth and Tenth Edition field test procedures and diagnostic scenarios that may be causing a backflow preventer to fail during the field test procedure. SIGN UP NOW

11 December 2014

Seminar Topic: Recycled Water Shutdown Test

California Code of Regulations requires dual plumbed systems (those plumbed with potable drinking water along with recycled water) must be tested every four years to ensure that there are no cross-connections between the two systems.  This update seminar will discuss methods used to test the systems for cross-connections.  Various testing methods including the pressure test, shutdown test and dye test will be discussed. SIGN UP NOW


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