One Day Seminar/Webinar

The USC Foundation has developed the One Day Seminar/Webinar to offer backflow prevention assembly testers and cross-connection control program specialists an opportunity to be refreshed on current field test procedures and cross-connection control topics.  Furthermore, all attendees will be eligible for continuing education units (CEU’s).

The One Day Seminar/Webinar is not meant to be a replacement for the USC Foundation week long tester or specialist training courses.

Attending the One Day Seminar/Webinar may also help fulfill a student’s requirements for CEU’s. Many attendees who attend a USC Foundation training course follow it up by taking a certification exam from a local health/water department or from a national organization.  Many of these certification organizations require that the student complete a number of contact hours to maintain their certification year after year.  As mentioned above, attendees at the One Day Seminar/Webinar will be eligible for CEU's and which vary from 0.3 to 0.6 CEUs, which is equivalent to 3 to 6 contact hours.

Webinar Information

Using the service GoToWebinar the Foundation makes available its seminars to anyone with a Internet connection and a computer or mobile device.

Those attendees who wish to participate via the webinar will receive a link after registering for the course. Pricing will remain the same whether the attendee chooses to participate via the webinar or attends the class in person.

USC Foundation policy is that each person viewing the webinar must register. Only registered participants will receive CEU certificates.

For questions please contact the Foundation office.

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Seminar/Webinar Highlights


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Contact Hours
3 or 6

Are available and vary from
0.3 to 0.6 CEUs, which is equivalent to
3 to 6 contact hours.



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Upcoming One Day Seminar/Webinar Dates and Topics

25 February 2016

Seminar Topic: Los Angeles & California Codes and Regulations

Codes and regulations about cross-connection control in the Los Angeles area will be discussed as well as the specific requirements in the State of California according to Title 17 and 22 of the California Code of Regulations.


21 April 2016

Seminar Topic: Grey Water Systems & Recycled Water Shutdown Test

Water conservation is an important part of any water supplier’s program.  In many areas grey water systems are being put to use.  More and more water agencies are allowing the use of grey water systems by their customers.  This seminar will discuss the cross-connection issues associated with with grey water systems.  Recycled water systems will also be discussed and the fact that dual plumbed systems (those plumbed with potable drinking water along with recycled water) must be tested periodically to ensure that there are no cross-connections between the two systems.  Methods used to test the dual plumbed systems for cross-connections will be discussed including the pressure test, shutdown test and dye test.


7 June 2016*

Seminar Topic: Different Facilities; Different Cross-Connections*

Not all facilities are alike when it comes to possible cross-connections.  Different facilities require different types of backflow protection.  This seminar will take a look at a number of different types of facilities and the types of cross-connections that may be expected at these locations.  Additionally, specific facilities are likely to contain specific types of equipment that may create or constitute cross-connections.
* 3-Hour Seminars. Attendees are eligible for 0.3 CEU's which is equivalent to 3 contact hours


9 June 2016*

Seminar Topic: How the Use of Equipment Results in Cross-Connections*

The use of everyday equipment like boilers and carbonators may create cross-connections to the potable water lines.  So, it is crucial that the Cross-Connection Control Specialist understands which equipment may create a cross-connection.  The installation of equipment found in hospitals, car washes, laboratories and many other facilities all have a risk of resulting in cross-connections. Understanding how these pieces of equipment work will help the Specialist be able to find, identify, isolate and eliminate cross-connections.
* 3-Hour Seminars. Attendees are eligible for 0.3 CEU's which is equivalent to 3 contact hours.


11 August 2016

Seminar Topic: Cross-Connection Control Surveys

Learning to identify cross-connections and determining the degree of hazard is an essential part in keeping drinking water safe. Attendees will learn how to prepare and execute a site survey. Using photos of actual sites, attendees will learn how to identify cross-connections, determine the degree of hazard and decide what type of backflow protection if any, is necessary.


15 November 2016

Seminar Topic: Assembly Repair and Lead Free Issues

Attendees will learn about the general concepts of repair for backflow prevention assemblies.  Although, it is impossible to cover every repair scenario with every type of backflow preventer; the concepts discussed will help in identifying and resolving many issues.  This seminar will also discuss the 2014 change in the EPA’s definition of lead free.  The issue of spare parts for both lead free and non-lead free assemblies will be covered.



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