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What is FDL and how is it used?

System Location:  ais-a2000 (telnet access only)

The Financial Download System is a data retrieval system, which allows the authorized user to access raw data from the Financial System. FDL provides the data in already formatted views or "canned" reports, which can be downloaded through FTP to the user's workstation or they can be sent by email. Most data in FDL is updated daily. The data can be extracted in one of three compatible formats, and can then be downloaded and imported into the appropriate spreadsheet or other program. The user interface is by telnet. Access to the Financial Download system can be obtained only after the applicant attends FDL training, which is combined with the Data Warehouse training. This system is recommended only for those who need access to large amounts of data, and is not recommended for beginners. Users of FDL must already have active access to the Budget Administration System (WEBBA.)

User Guides

Quick Start Guide for FDL

User Documentation for FDL

FDL training presentation (Includes how to set up WarFTP for use with FDL)

Training and Access

Online registration form and training schedule

FDL access application

Training for FDL and DW is an introduction to both systems, and a comparison of both. Since both of these systems are used for downloading data from the Financial System, we compare how each of them is used in this class. The class is demonstration and discussion. Those who wish to attend the class should already have used WEBBA before, and have access to WEBBA. An understanding of the terminology used in WEBBA is most helpful in understanding the data that comes from both FDL and DW. Training is mandatory before access can be set up.

The link to the registration form and schedule for this class is listed above.

After completion of the training, attendees may obtain access to Data Warehouse and/or FDL, as long as they have submitted the approved access forms. See the links to the access forms above. Senior Business Officer approval is required for access.

If there is not a current session scheduled on the registration form, contact Catherine Maddaford at Classes are scheduled as demand requires, but usually are offered once a month.

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