WEBBA-The Budget Administration System (pronounced "Web" "BA")

System Internet Location for logging in: ais-sap.usc.edu

Problems with printing forms and PDF documents in WEBBA:

Recent updates in both Firefox and Internet Explorer have been causing issues with downloading and printing pdf forms as well as issues with screens going blank or losing data.  We have not made changes in WEBBA, but some browsers have unique settings that are causing these issues. 

There are a few things you can try that we have discovered during testing:

Problem with data fields clearing:

Try four steps listed above. If these steps do not solve the problem you will need to completely uninstall Google Chrome, reboot the machine and reinstall the browser.

Blank Window when running an Account Status Report (ASR):

Save the ASR report to a file.

Open file from the location of the downloased file, the file should launch your PDF reader.

If you are prompted to use a program to open the file, choose PDF format.t

In the preferences settings do not have the browser update make sure to take out "check for updates" settings. This will make sure it stays in the working browser version.

View instructions for a Mac.


Last updated 11/18/14. SK.