calculatorFinancial Services - Fringe Benefits Accounting

UGB 205, MC 8006, 213-821-1900, fax 213-821-6118


Hours of Operation  8:00 - 12:00; 1:00 - 4:30 Monday - Friday 
Mitsuuchi, Karen - Senior Manager - 213-821-1900 - mitsuuch@usc.edu 

Mark, Tom - Accountant I - 213-821-1930 - tommark@usc.edu 

Missaelian, Mari - Accountant I - 213-821-1972 - missaeli@usc.edu 

Muico, Michele - Accountant I - 213-821-1952, mmuico@usc.edu

Pharris, Mindy - Accountant I - 213-821-1970 - mindyp@usc.edu 

for assistance with:

Please call for assistance with accounting issues only


Delta Dental and Cigna: Tom Mark

United Concordia: Michele Muico


Anthem Blue Cross: Mari Missaelian

California Care: Mari Missaelian 

Kaiser: Tom Mark

UnitedHealthcare: Mari Missaelian

USC Network: Michele Muico


UNUM Insurance: Michele Muico

Aflac Cancer Insurance: Mari Missaelian 

Cash Pay: Mindy Pharris 

FSA: Mari Missaelian 

Hyatt Legal: Michele Muico

Retirement Plans: Mindy Pharris

VSP: Mari Missaelian

Please contact the vendor directly for the following: John Hancock, Minnesota Life, and Genworth