USC Human Resources Division


The university's Human Resources division, led by Associate Senior Vice President Janis McEldowney, encompasses many of the departments that provide essential services to USC staff and faculty employees. These departments include:

Human Resources Administration (HRA)

HRA, under Executive Director Sharon Haymond, is responsible for the HR Service Center, Compensation, and Absence Management (medical leaves and other leave coordination). HRA oversees compliance with employment law and regulations related to university employees, and advises on matters of employment policy.

Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)

HRIS provides functional and technical support to HR systems including Workday, under Senior Technical Project Leader Peter Fennema.

Talent Management

Talent Management, under Assistant Vice President Mary Campbell, encompasses recruitment, employee training and development, and organizational development. The Employee Communications department, which oversees the Employee Gateway and university policy, is also part of Talent Management.

Benefits Administration

Benefits administers all employee benefit and retirement plans, as well as overseeing disability and workers' compensation, under Executive Director Awilda Bregand. Benefits staff also offer counseling and benefits enrollment assistance.

Retirement Plan Administration

Director Debra Fabanish oversees the university's retirement plans in regard to compliance with federal regulations and plan document provisions. She also manages retirement investment company relationships and coordinates participant education.

Center for Work and Family Life

Under Executive Director John Gaspari, the Center for Work and Family Life provides a wide variety of services, including free and confidential counseling, to help employees maintain a balance between their professional and personal lives. The Center also offers management and departmental consultation to faculty and staff.

Office of Equity and Diversity (OED)

Equity and Diversity is led by Executive Director Jody Shipper, the university's Title IX Compliance Officer. OED is responsible for investigating employee complaints and ensuring compliance with regulations related to protected class categories. The department also oversees affirmative action compliance. The Employee Relations department is also part of OED.