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You've found the web page of SCNA, the Nikkei Association at the University of Southern California.

SCNA was founded in 1995 by Kori Hojo, Marc Sakaguchi, Stacy Watanabe, Bryan Yamami, and Stephanie Wong.

Since SCNA's first meeting, SCNA has grown to over 50 members strong, has served the community, co-sponsored a dance, and won a basketball tournament championship. We hope to continue to achieve, grow, and learn for many, many years to come.

SCNA was founded to serve 3 purposes:

1. To explore and promote cultural awareness and a sense of identity in the Japanese American population of the University of Southern California.

2. To promote cultural sharing and to educate people not of Japanese American descent in Japanese American history and culture.

3. To participate in community service in the surrounding areas of the university.

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