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The Ed.D. Program

The Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) is a 3-year degree program that equips practitioner-scholars with the skills needed to lead high-performing organizations, connect research with practice, and help all students to learn. The program is geared toward working professionals with a Master's degree and at least three years of work experience in a related field who aspire to be leaders in urban education.

As part of the Rossier School of Education's Ed.D. program, you will complete core courses that focus on the Rossier School's four guiding principles:

The Ed.D. Core Courses

Subsequent coursework builds upon this broad base of knowledge and aligns with students' career objectives. The program offers you four concentrations:

The Ed.D. Concentrations

The program will also include:

Additional Coursework, including dissertation

In the Ed.D. program, you will learn about important educational issues and how to identify and solve problems that practitioners face. The program is based on the belief that graduate students must model the behaviors needed in their future jobs during their graduate education. Your dissertation research will be focused on solving educational problems as you work collaboratively on research projects, guided by teams of faculty members and experienced practitioners.

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Contact the Ed.D. Program Office Staff

Main Phone Number (213) 740-9323
Jessica Gibson, Director (213) 821-1515
Margaret Cyrus, Administrative Assistant (213) 740-9323
Rocke DeMark, Assistant Director (213) 821-2038
Katy Lin, Program Advisor (213) 821-1516
Nina Nieves, Program Advisor (213) 821-1512
Carolyn Stirling, Associate Director, Recruiting and Admissions (213) 740-0224