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The Order of the Torch exists to facilitate the communication between students who share the core Trojan values. Together these students will emanate the ideals of a Trojan to all students and the USC community through positive programming and activities.

About Us

One of the highest honors the university can bestow upon its students, the Order of the Torch is composed of 12 individuals who exemplify Trojan excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, commitment to USC, public speaking skills, and an ability to communicate the USC experience to others. Members serve as ambassadors for the university, promoting USC and the Trojan family to current students, prospective Trojans, alumni, the academic community, and the public. The Order of the Torch was first announced in 1987 but has its roots in Homecoming traditions dating back to the 1940s.

Arising out of the more traditional roles of Homecoming King and Queen, today’s Mr. and Ms. USC serve as spokespeople for not only the Order itself but the larger university student body. The selection process is competitive and demanding, with candidates first submitting applications including essays to be considered for interviews. After the interview stage, applicants have the chance of progressing to the public speech that is the final round for consideration into the Order of the Torch. Mr. and Ms. USC are then selected from within the Order.

The Order is expected to complete several tasks once selected.

The members not fulfilling their responsibilities will be removed from the Order.