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Here you may find links to past issues of the Polish Music Journal.

Vol 1. No. 1, Summer 1998: WILK ESSAY PRIZES 1997

  • Maria Anna Harley: "Wilk Prizes and the New Journal" (editorial)
  • Tyrone Greive: "Kochański's Collaborative Work as Reflected Through his Manuscript Collection"
  • Jill Timmons & Sylvain Fremaux: "Alexandre Tansman. Diary of a 20th-Century Composer"
  • Timothy J. Cooley: "Authentic Troupes and Inauthentic Tropes: Performance Practice in Górale Music"
  • Bibliography Update: Recent Articles on Polish Music


Vol. 1, No. 2, Winter 1998: FROM THE 10TH TO THE 20TH CENTURY

  • Maria Anna Harley: "Old and New in Polish Music"(editorial)
  • Barbara Przybyszewska-Jarmińska: "Towards Unity in Diversity: Four Religious Rondo Concerti by Marcin Mielczewski"
  • Dorota Popławska: "Representation of Musical Instruments in Stone Sculpture in Lower Silesia until the Beginning of the 16th Century"
  • Wanda Bacewicz, ed.: "From Notes and Letters of Grażyna Bacewicz"
  • Luke Howard: Review of Adrian Thomas's Górecki (1997)
  • Cindy Bylander: Review of Krzysztof Penderecki's Labyrinth of Time (1997).


Vol. 2, No. 1-2, Summer-Winter 1999: THE CHOPIN YEAR (I) AND WILK PRIZES 1998

  • Editorial: Maria Anna Harley: "Celebrating the Chopin Year"
  • Halina Goldberg: "Chopin in Warsaw's Salons"
  • Dorota Zakrzewska: "Alienation and Powerlessness: Adam Mickiewicz's Ballady and Chopin's Ballades"
  • Andrzej Tuchowski: "Chopin's Integrative Technique and its Repercussions in 20th-Century Polish Music"
  • Jan Wecowski: "Religious Folklore in Chopin's Works"
  • Douglas Hofstadter: "Chopin's Mayonnaises in Review"
  • Book Review: Małgorzata Gąsiorowska: Grażyna Bacewicz (1999); Reviewed by Alicja Usarek.



  • Editor's Preface: Maja Trochimczyk: "The Chopin Year and Chopin Studies in Poland"
  • Guest Editorial: Maciej Gołąb: "Transformations of Chopin's Style - Introduction"
  • Teresa Dalila Turło: "Notes on the Chronology of Chopin Works"
  • Zofia Helman: "Norm and Individuation in Chopin's Sonatas"
  • Elżbieta Witkowska- Zaremba: "Versification, Syntax and Form in Chopin's Mazurkas"
  • Maria Piotrowska: "Late Chopin"
  • Book Review: John Rink: Chopin. The Piano Concertos (1999); Reviewed by Wojciech Bonkowski.


Vol. 3, No. 2, Winter 2000: CHOPIN AND LUTOSŁAWSKI

  • Editorial: Maja Trochimczyk: Chopin and Lutosławski
  • Martina Homma: "Witold Lutosławski's Trois poemes d'Henri Michaux: The Sketches and the Work"
  • James Parakilas: "'Nuit plus belle qu'un beau jour:' Poetry, Song, and the Voice in the Piano Nocturne"
  • Sandra P. Rosenblum: "'Effusions of a Master Mind:' The Reception of Chopin's Music in Nineteenth-Century America"
  • Book Review: Mieczysław Tomaszewski:Chopin. Człowiek, Dzieło, Rezonans, reviewed by Zbigniew Skowron
  • Book Review: Martina Homma: Witold Lutosławski. Zwolftön-Harmonik - Tonbildung - 'Aleatorischer Kontrapunkt'; reviewed by Andrzej Chłopecki


Vol. 4, No. 1, Summer 2001:


  • Editorial: Maja Trochimczyk: Paderewski and Polish Emigré Composers
  • Articles:
    • Maja Trochimczyk: Paderewski in Poetry: Master of Harmonies or Poland's Savior?
    • James Wierzbicki: Traditional Values in a Century of Flux: The Music of Feliks Labunski (1892-1979)
    • Anna Granat-Janki: Tradition and Modernity in the Music of Aleksander Tansman
    • Linda Schubert: Film Scores of Henry Vars in the United States: An Overview

  • Source Readings (1): Maja Trochimczyk, ed.: Paderewski - Lectures and Documents
    • Ignacy Jan Paderewski: Tempo Rubato
    • Paderewski's Honorary Doctorate from USC (1923): Reports in The Daily Trojan, the Los Angeles Times, and the Los Angeles Examiner
    • Paderewski and the Tenth Anniversary of Poland's Independence (1928): Part I: Introduction and Selected Greetings to Paderewski; Part II: Speeches by Samuel Vauclain, Arthur Sewall, and John H. Finley; Part III: "Remarks in Self-Defense" by Ignacy Jan Paderewski

  • Source Readings (2): Maja Trochimczyk and Joseph A. Herter, eds.: Stojowski - Lectures and Documents
    • Arthur G. Burgoyne: Stokowski and Stojowski (A Poem, 1911)
    • Zygmunt Stojowski: The Evolution of Style and Interpretation in Piano Literature (1940)
    • Zygmunt Stojowski: Music and Life: An Address (1944)


Vol. 4, No. 2, Winter 2001:


  • Editorial: Maja Trochimczyk: Rediscovering Paderewski
  • Articles:
    • Małgorzata Perkowska: The Unknown Compositions of Ignacy Jan Paderewski
    • Małgorzata Wozna-Stankiewicz: The Poetry of Mendčs in the Songs of Paderewski and French Composers
    • Andrzej Piber: The Reception of Paderewski's Manru in the U.S.
    • Aleksandra Konieczna: Stylistic and Dramatic Features of Paderewski's Manru

  • Documentation:
    • Małgorzata Perkowska: List of Works by Ignacy Jan Paderewski
    • Małgorzata Perkowska and Maja Trochimczyk: Selected Bibliography of Paderewski
    • Malgorzata Perkowska and Maja Trochimczyk: List of Writings and Lectures by I. J. Paderewski
    • Alfred Nossig: The Libretto of Manru [English trans. by Henry E. Krehbiel]
      • Manru, Act I
      • Manru, Act II
      • Manru, Act III

  • Source Readings (1): Maja Trochimczyk, ed.: Selected Writings and Speeches by Paderewski
    • Ignacy Jan Paderewski: Fryderyk Chopin (1910)
    • Ignacy Jan Paderewski: Address at the Unveiling of the Grunwald Monument (1910)
    • Ignacy Jan Paderewski: Appeals for the Polish Victims' Relief Fund (1915)
    • Ignacy Jan Paderewski: Speech to the National Security League (1918)

  • Source Readings (2): Maja Trochimczyk, ed.: Selected Articles about Paderewski
    • Henry E. Krehbiel: Analytical Notes on M. Paderewski's Programmes (1895-1908)
    • Egbert Swayne: Paderewski's "Manru" (from Music, January 1902)
    • Nellie Cameron Bates: A Country Girl at a Paderewski Concert (1914)
    • Franciszek E. Fronczak: Paderewski in Light of Polish Emigration in America (1935)
    • Józef Ratajski: Paderewski, The Underappreciated (1935)
    • Antonina Adamowska: The Private Life of Paderewski (1935)
    • Zygmunt Dygat: A Lesson with Paderewski (1935)
    • Wiktor Łabuński: A Visit to Paderewski's Pullman (1935)


Vol. 5, No. 1, Summer 2002:


  • Editorial: Maja Trochimczyk: Bacewicz, Wilk Prizes, and Polish Music Secrets
  • Articles
    • Judith Rosen: Grażyna Bacewicz: Her Life and Works
    • Adrian Thomas: File 750: Composers, Politics and the Festival of Polish Music (1951)
      Winner of Stefan and Wanda Wilk Essay Prize for Research in Polish Music, 2001 (Professional Category)
    • Sławomir Dobrzański: Maria Szymanowska and Fryderyk Chopin: Parallelism and Influence
      Winner of Stefan and Wanda Wilk Essay Prize for Research in Polish Music, 2001 (Student Category, ex aequo)
    • Katarzyna Grochowska: From Milan to Gdańsk: History of a Dedication
      Winner of Stefan and Wanda Wilk Essay Prize for Research in Polish Music, 2001 (Student Category, ex aequo)

  • Documentation:
    • Slawomir Dobrzanski: Maria Szymanowska - Bibliography
    • James Harley, Martina Homma, and Maja Trochimczyk: Witold Lutosławski - Bibliography
    • Maja Trochimczyk: Andrzej Panufnik - Bibliography
    • Maja Trochimczyk and James Harley: Grażyna Bacewicz - Bibliography


Vol. 5, No. 2, Winter 2002:


  • Editorial: Maja Trochimczyk: Stojowski, Paderewski, and Polish Music in America

  • Featured Article: Joseph A. Herter: The Life of Zygmunt Stojowski
  • Book Review: Nicholas Reyland: A Protean Diversity - Lutosławski Studies

  • Documentation:
    • Joseph A. Herter: Annotated Catalogue of Music by Zygmunt Stojowski
    • Joseph A. Herter: Writings by Zygmunt Stojowski
    • Joseph A. Herter: Zygmunt (Sigismond) Stojowski - A Bibliography

  • Source Readings (1): Maja Trochimczyk, ed.: Stojowski - Selected Writings (1907-1943)
    • Zygmunt Stojowski: A Master Lesson on Chopin's First Impromptu (1915)
    • Zygmunt Stojowski: Program Notes on Polish Music (1930)
    • Zygmunt Stojowski: Paderewski in the Light of my Recollections and Beliefs (1935)
    • William Armstrong: Sigismond Stojowski and His Views on Piano Study (1906)
    • Maja Trochimczyk, ed.: Selected Reviews of Stojowski's Music (1907-1943)
    • Maja Trochimczyk, ed.: Program Notes for Stojowski's Works (1913-1916)

  • Source Readings (2): Maja Trochimczyk, ed.: American Reception of Polish Music (1902-1944)
    • William Mason: Paderewski: A Critical Study (1902)
    • Alfred Nossig: The Secret of Paderewski's Playing (1902)
    • Fanny Morris Smith: What Poet is most Akin to Chopin? (1902)
    • Antonina Szumowska: An Appreciation of Chopin (1910)
    • Edward Baxter Perry: The Story of the Polonaise (1909)
    • Margaret Anderton: The Spirit of the Polonaise (1917)
    • Jarosław Zieliński: Poles in Music (1902)
    • Michael J. Piduch: The Soul of Poland in Music (1921)
    • Felix R. Łabuński: Poland's Contribution to Music (1944)


Vol. 6, No. 1, Summer 2003:


  • Editorial, Maja Trochimczyk: Separation and Belonging: Polish Jews, Jewish Poles and their Music

  • Articles:
    • Michael Beckerman: Neuro-Nationalism, or Why Can't We All Just Get Along?
    • Marian Fuks: Musical Traditions of Polish Jews
    • Maciej Golab: Józef Koffler: The First Polish Composer of Twelve-Tone Music
    • Martin Schüssler: "Karol Rathaus—An American Composer of Polish Origin:" The Development of an Americanized View of Rathaus and its Consequences for the Reception of His Music
    • Hankus Netsky: Three Twentieth-Century Jewish Musicians from Poland: Frydman, Rosner, and Bazyler
    • Bret Werb: "Majufes: A Vestige of Jewish Traditional Song in Polish Popular Entertainments"

  • Source Readings (selected by Maja Trochimczyk):
    • Józef Hoffman: "The Proper Musical Education of Children" (1901)
    • Wanda Landowska: "The Interpretation of Bach's Works" (1906)
    • James M. Tracy: "The World's Greatest Pianists" (1907)
    • Moritz Rosenthal: "Chopin's Masterly Valse in A-Flat, Op. 42: A Detailed Lesson Analysis by the Eminent Virtuoso" (1934)
    • Roman Ryterband: "Contemporary Music: Yes or No" (1963)
    • "Aleksander Tansman to Tadeusz Kaczynski: Selected Letters (1971-1985)"
    • Aleksander Tansman: "In Praise of Szymon Laks" (1984)

  • Documentation:
    • Maja Trochimczyk, ed.: Program of International Conference "Polish/Jewish/Music!" (1998)

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