Susan Estrich
(J.D., Harvard University)
Telephone, (213) 740-7578; Fax, (213) 821-5853

Areas of Interest:
Election Law, Gender Discrimination, Criminal Law, Law & Politics

Susan Estrich holds the Robert Kingsley Professor of Law and Political Science. She is a world renowned political and legal commentator for political campaigns, elections, high profile court cases, and issues of public interest. Professor Estrich is a nationally synciated columnist, legal and political analyst for Fox News, and a Contributing Editor for the Los Angeles Times. Susan Estrich has made frequent appearances on national news programs including CNN and Co., Crossfire, Inside Politics, America's Talking, Jane Wallace Show, CNBC, Nightline, CBS Evening News, CBS News Overnight, NBC Dateline, NBC Evening News, Today Show, Good Morning America, etc. She was the first woman president of the Harvard Law Review and the first woman to head a national presidential campaign in 1988. Professor Estrich is the author or co-author of seven books and numerous publications in prestigious Law Reviews and Law Journals. Her most recent book, Sex and Power (Riverhead, 2001), was a Los Angeles Times bestseller. She joined the USC faculty in 1990.

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