College Admission 2025: Embracing the Future


Join us as we forecast the future of college admission. We approach a future in which state and national borders are permeable, degrees are blended, a non-White US population emerges, existing technology becomes obsolete, and outcomes are the key indicators. How will admission policy and practice change? How can we prepare for what we know and what we may not know about the future? What will be the emerging roles of institutions, governments, and entrepreneurs?



Date: January 21-23, 2015  

Time: January 21 (5 pm) - January 23 (1 pm)

Location: LA Downtown Hotel at 333 South Figueroa:

$185 per night (reservation link forthcoming)

Attire: Business Casual

Parking: Valet and overnight parking will be available


Registration: As space is limited, make sure to register at the early bird rate

of $595 by Friday, November 7.

After November 7, the regular rate of $695 will apply.


Contact: Gabriela Duncan, CERPP Project Specialist (


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