Junfeng (Jim) ZhangJunfeng (Jim) Zhang

Junfeng (Jim) Zhang, PhD is a Professor and Chairman of Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, School of Public Health at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ), where he is also Associate Dean for Global Public Health. He is on the faculty of Graduate Program in Toxicology and Graduate Program in Exposure Science, both at UMDNJ and Rutgers. Dr. Zhang is a guest professor at Peking University in Beijing, China. Dr. Zhang received a PhD in Public Health and Environmental Sciences jointly from Rutgers University and UMDNJ.


Dr. Zhang’s research interests include assessing human exposures to environmental contaminants and resulting health effects; developing biological markers of human exposure and health effects; and examining gene-environment interactions. He has co-authored more than 100 peer-reviewed papers. Dr. Zhang’s work on greenhouse gas emissions from small-scale combustion devices made him one of the IPCC officially recognized contributing scientists to the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. Dr. Zhang’s laboratory developed a novel method to measure trace-level airborne acrolein and other toxic aldehydes. Dr. Zhang uses molecular epidemiological approaches to study health responses and biological mechanisms in free-living humans exposed to air pollution. His work, published in New England Journal of Medicine, demonstrated significant changes in both lung function and biomarkers of respiratory inflammation in asthmatics after having walked in a city street with diesel traffic. Dr. Zhang is currently leading a multidisciplinary study of molecular and physiological responses in humans to drastic changes in air quality during the Beijing Olympics.