From Edgar Palmer, appointed in 1898, to Howard Landesman, who heads the school today, the history of the USC School of Dentistry can be told through the vision of its Deans.

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USC School of Dentistry

Henry G. Brainerd
Henry G. Brainerd, dean of the College of Medicine, initiates College of Dentistry.

Edgar Palmer
1899 | College recognized and endorsed by the California State Board of Dental Examiners. Dental courses moved to Temple Block (Main, Spring and Temple Streets) and took over third floor. Courses with medical students continue on Buena Vista and at the Hendryx bacteriology laboratory building.
1900 | College becomes a member of the National Association of Dental Faculties and is recognized by the National Association of Dental Examiners. Eleven students awarded degrees at first graduation ceremony.

Garrett Newkirk
1901 | School occupies second and third floor of Temple Block.
1905 | College incorporated, establishing formal affiliation with the university.

Lewis E. Ford
1906 | High school diploma required for admission. New college building at 5th and Wall streets completed.
1914 | College moves again to new building at 16th and Los Angeles Streets.
1916 | Zeta Chapter of Omicron Kappa Upsilon, a national dental honorary fraternity, established.
1917 | Program extended from three to four years with
entrance requirements the same as those for College of Letters, Arts and Sciences.
1920 | Science and Technic Building (aka Flatiron Building or S&T) at Figueroa and Exposition becomes home to students in the first two years of the program, while the last two years continue to be taught at 16th and Los Angeles streets.
1924 | B.S./D.D.S. program initiated.
1927 | Bulletin notes Class A standing of College designated by Educational Council of America.
1928 | Cora Ueland directs newly formed certificate program in Dental Hygiene. Admission requirements are the same as required for admission to USC.
1933 | Separate department of children’s dentistry added under Floyd E. Hogeboom’s direction.
1934 | Spencer R. Atkinson heads new, one-year program leading to Master of Dental Science in Orthodontics.
1937 | Sixty units of college level course work becomes a prerequisite for the four-year dental program.
1939 | B.S. degree program in dental hygiene initiated with two years of college work as a prerequisite.
1942 | Dental program changes from four-year to three-year accelerated program to accommodate needs of military and civilian population for qualified dentists. School operates year-round and admits two classes a year during the war years.

Julio Endelman
(died in office, Nov. 1948)
1948 | Sept. 2, University assumes full control of the college, educationally and administratively, based on a contract of integration between the University Board of Trustees and the College Board of Trustees. College renamed the School of Dentistry.

John Brauer
1949 |
First consultative tumor board organized; only one of its kind in U.S. associated with a university; provides diagnostic services for dentists.
1949-50 | Interim Com-
mittee governs school: Rex Ingraham (chairman), Fred Olds and Donald E. Smith.

Robert W. McNulty
1952 |
New clinic building dedicated on 34th Street (first floor and basement of current four-story wing); building at 16th and Los Angeles Street sold.
1954 | First oral surgery training program in Southern California begins under direction of Marsh Robinson.
1955 | Century Club, first support group of its kind, founded by Fred Olds.
1956 | Adele Wayman ’51 appointed director of the dental hygiene program (1956-58).
1959 | Dental assistant utilization program (DAU) started under Francis Conley to train dental students in use of dental assistants.

John I. Ingle
1965 |
Dental Ambassador Program started by John Ronnau (renamed Mobile Clinic Program). Faculty and student volunteers provide dental care in impoverished, rural and isolated areas of California and Mexico.
1966 | Advanced program in pedodontics started under direction of Robert Andrews. Advanced certificate program in prosthodontics initiated by Bernard Levin.
1967 | $65,000 grant received from the National Cancer Association used to fund two clinical cancer fellows, oral tumor board, oral tumor registry. Community dentistry department added under the direction of Clifton Dummett. Hugh Kopel takes over direction of advanced pedodontics program. Special Student Program initiated by Quint, Beveridge and Ingle under Harry Quint’s direction. Renamed the International Student Program in 1975, this two-year D.D.S. program provides education in American dental techniques for foreign-trained dentists.
1968 | Advanced certificate program in endodontics initiated under leadership of Edward Beveridge.
1969 | Three-story addition to clinical wing completed. School reunited in one facility for the first time in close to 50 years and celebrated with the November dedication of the Eileen and Kenneth T. Norris Dental Science Center. Gary Miller becomes director of the Special Student Program Advanced certificate program in periodontics initiated under leadership of Sigmund Stahl.

William H. Crawford
(Interim Dean)
1973 |
School’s Board of Councilors created. USC Oral Pathology Laboratory established as service to dental profession.

Richard C. Oliver
1976 |
Expanded functions incorporated into dental hygiene curriculum. Renovation of the first floor clinics completed, creating treatment cubicles and eliminating open clinics in all areas except dental hygiene.

William H. Crawford
1977 |
Cranio-facial Biology Program, awarding master’s and Ph.D. degrees, initiated.
1979 | Administrative reorganization results in consolidation of academic departments to increase administrative efficiency and facilitate curricular integration.
1983 | Remodeling of the first floor, west end (patient admitting, oral surgery and creation of area for faculty practice).
1985 | CCMB breakthrough discovery isolates the first cDNA clone for the amelogenin gene, which functions in the development of enamel. Special Patients Clinic opens under direction of Roseann Mulligan, providing for the special needs of medically and physically challenged patients and enhancing the educational programs with an on-site care facility. School awarded a Pew Charitable Trust grant to establish and sustain a planning process. (Phase I: 1985-87) $98,000.
1988 | Oral Medicine Clinic opens, providing consulting services for healthcare professionals under the direction of Mahvash Navazesh. School awarded a Pew Charitable Trust grant to implement changes identified in phase I (1988-1991) $750,000.
1989 | USC Sterilizer Monitoring Service established under the direction of Gayle Macdonald, as service to dental community.
1990 | School establishes presence on Health Sciences Campus with the opening of the Center for Craniofacial Molecular Biology.

Howard M. Landesman
1991- present
1991 |
Decision made to keep the school on University Park Campus. Faculty intramural practice established under the direction of John Sundbye. Doctoral clinical program presented in group practice setting, rather than the traditional departmental setting. Oral Microbiology Testing Laboratory initiated by Jorgen Slots as service to dental practitioners.
1992 | Anatomy laboratory space converted to modern research laboratory facilities. Combined D.D.S./M.B.A. program initiated with the Graduate School of Business Administration. John D. Soule Computer Learning Laboratory opens.
1994 | Clinical areas remodeled (patient waiting rooms, cashier, patient admitting, creation of advanced specialty office and centralized group practice office). Combined program leading to a specialty certificate in oral surgery and M.D. degree initiated with the School of Medicine. State-of-the-art centralized instrument sterilization center opens.
1995 | 12 students admitted to new problem-based learning
program, leading to D.D.S. degree. New curricular approach to dental education emphasizes integration of basic and clinical sciences.
1996 | Combined degree program with the School of Gerontology leading to a D.D.S./M.S. offered. School ranks first among private dental schools receiving funding from the National Institute of Dental Research of the National Institutes of Health and continues within the top 10 of all institutions receiving funding from NIDR.



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