Answers - Summer 1997 Puzzle

My Word!
My word, your etymological entries from last issue’s contest of the same name nearly overwhelmed us. Via mail, fax and the Internet came more than 1,000 entries – 1,028 to be exact – and more than 900 of them contained the correct answers to all nine questions. (Yes, we know – since many of you pointed this out to us – that the contest rules asked for 10 answers; our proofreaders were clearly dozing [from the Old Norse dusa, to doze] on the job. While we apologize for the confusion, we were delighted by the creativity this problem inspired in many readers; some samples appear in the “Mailbag” column on this page.)
We resorted to a lottery-like drawing to select the five lucky winners: Al Crigler ’74, Glenn Tanner ’77, Thalia Goo ’91, Chris Hanson ’84, M.B.A. ’96, and Edward S. Brady ’33, M.S. ’40 (and also an emeritus professor of pharmacy at USC). Their gift certificates have been mailed, and the correct answers (as if most of you didn’t already know) are shown at right.
But don’t let us have the last word. To try our quiz for the mythologically minded click here.

1. imp
2. miniature
3. sleuth
4. slogan
5. gorgeous
6. omelet/omelette
7. villain
8. muscle
9. rapt



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