JOHN T. BOWMAN ’66, MBA ’67, and Wendy Macdonald

CHRISTINE CARTER ’85 and Daniel Conway

BRYAN SUN KEONG WONG ’86, MS ’88, and Eunice Nabong


LINCOLN HOSHINO ’89 and Christa Winnen

PAULA D. HUNT ’89 and William V. McMenamin

JOHN W. BRADWAY MS ’90 and Judy A. Rankin

PATRICK A. WARD ’92 and Christine A. Phillips

ROBERT KOURY ’93 and Denise Oreste. l


ART CABOT ’68 and Shawn Cabot, a son, Aaron Tracy

TERRANCE W. FREDRICKS ’75 and CHRISTI KINKLE FREDRICKS ’79, a daughter, Shelby Corinne. She is the granddaughter of George P. Kinkle III ’45, ’48, LLB ’51, and the late Judge Thomas W. Fredricks ’43, LLB ’48, and niece to Judge Josh M. Fredricks ’72, Linda Donovan Fredricks ’71 and Cary M. Kinkle ’87

RICHARD LEO GREGORY ’76, MS ’83, and Peggy Margaret Mary Gregory, a son, Matthew Christopher

MELINDA NICHOLS GARRATT ’77 and MARK STUART GARRATT ’78, a son, Luke Michael. He is the nephew of Jeff Stone ’80 and Stacy Stone ’80

DEANA BERMAN MURPHY ’77 and BRYAN MURPHY ’77, a boy, Jody Berman

JAMES J. KLINE ’78 and JERRILYN JOHNSTONE KLINE ’80, a daughter, Kacie Alison. She is the granddaughter of Shirley DeLong Johnstone ’52 and William S. Johnstone, Jr. ’52, JD ’57, and the niece of Jacquelyn Johnstone Ratto ’82

JAMES A. EDDY, III ’79, MBA ’88, and Lisa H. Eddy, a boy, Elexis Hanson. He is the great-grandson of Clara Shaw Eddy ’26, the late Arnold Eddy ’24 and the late Park J. Ewart PhD ’42; the grandson of Jim Eddy ’52 and Janet Ewart Eddy ’53, MS ’78, PhD ’91; and the nephew of Beryl Eddy Cianci ’80 and Jon R. Cianci ’82, Park Ewart Eddy ’83, MBA ’95, and Linda Hunt Eddy ’87, and Andrew Karl Eddy ’86

GEORGE S. TELLAM ’79 and Amy Tellam, a daughter, Seymour Carina

EDWARD Y. HSI ’80 and DENISE TSO ’81, a daughter, Clarissa Sian Li-hwa. She is the niece of Thomas L. Hsi ’82

MARK W. JOHNSON ’80 and ELIZABETH TILY JOHNSON ’80, a daughter, Caroline Tily. She is the niece of Nancy Tily Meyer ’78 and Marilyn Tily Bendetti ’84

MAURICE “HACKETT” BARNEY ’81, MBA ’87, and DONNA LYNN GROVES ’87, a son, Ian Carver Barney. He is the grandson of Henry R. Groves MBT ’76 and the nephew of Teri Lynn (Groves) Paul JD ’85 and Gerald E. Paul MBA ’86

DAVID L. DAWSON ’81, MD ’85, and SUSAN MARIE (PTAK) DAWSON ’81, a son, Michael Clark. He is the grandson of Donna Hamlin Cazares ’53

BONNIE SCHERMER DUBOFF ’81 and Allan Duboff, a daughter, Ilana Beth

CRAIG I. HARA ’81 and TINA S. (ISHII) HARA ’82, a daughter, Courtney Sayuri

AVERY BAYLE BARTH ’82 and Andrew Francis Barth, a daughter, Avery Vivian. She is the niece and goddaughter of Kathleen Flynn Bayle ’83

GLORIA VIRGINIA FLORES BLEASDALE ’82 and Donald Joseph Bleasdale, a son, Donald Xavier

PHILIP D. BROOKS ’82 and Mimi A. Brooks, a son, Harrison Taylor. He is the grandson of Clarence E. Brooks ’46 and Mary L. (Wyman) Brooks ’45

CHRISTIN BEY MOSES ’83 and John Moses, a daughter, Katherine Elizabeth. She is the niece of Johan Bey ’82

JOHN W. WOLFE ’83 and JENIFER BIVEN WOLFE ’84, a daughter, Caroline Charlotte. She is the granddaughter of Lasley Scholl Biven ’57, Jack A. Biven ’57 and Betty King Wolfe ’55; the niece of John A. Biven ’86 and Steven E. Wolfe ’92; and the grandniece of Carol King Sine ’58

SUSAN ANDREWS BRIDGFORD ’84 and Richard Bridgford, a daughter, Janet Brittany

COLEEN WELSH FIELDS ’84 and Ronald M. Fields, a son, Steven Michael

CARRIE MINTIE GILMORE ’84 and Greg Gilmore, a daughter, Carter Alene. She is the granddaughter of Robert W. Mintie ’50 and the niece of Kevin J. Mintie ’71, James M. Mintie ’80, Sharon Egan Mintie ’82 and Lauren K. Mintie ’85

DAVID NAJARIAN ’84 and Kristie Najarian, a son, Jake Bradford

ELAINE L. (ELMAYAN) POMPILIO ’84 and FRANK M. POMPILIO PharmD ’90, a son, Ryan Frank. He is the grandson of Edward Elmayan ’42 and the nephew of Russell Elmayan ’77

JOHN RELPH ’84 and Jennie Larkin, a son, Paul Asher Larkin Relph

BRET H. STACY ’84, MPT ’95, and DORE-JEAN HEVERLY ’87, a daughter, Leilani Nicole Stacy

ANDREA PENNINGTON SWANSON ’84 and Bruce Joe Swanson, a son, Kyle Edward

JODY SORENSEN ZUVICH ’84 and MARK ZUVICH ’85, a son, Luke Zachary

CRISTA SMITH DE BRUYN ’83 and Philip M. de Bruyn, a daughter, Taryn Devereaux. She is the niece of Jonna Smith ’88

ANDREW F. WEIR ’83 and MICHELLE B. (BURNETT) WEIR ’86, a son, Grayson James Weir

DONNA LEE BRENNEMAN-BARRY ’85 and CHRISTOPHER WALLACE barry MBA ’89, a son, Raymond James Brenneman

JOHN JAMES CLENDENING ’85, MBA ’92, and Jennifer Joslin, a daughter, Caroline Grace Clendening. She is the granddaughter of Warren Ellsworth Clendening ’54, JD ’57, and the great-granddaughter of the late Lloyd Ellsworth Clendening ’24, JD ’27

ROBERT B. CROWN ’85 and Melinda Crown, a daughter, Victoria Grace

KEN DALLARA ’85 and Julia Fairchild Dallara, a son, Anthony Micheal

INGRID (JOCHEMS) HOLZMAN ’85 and Eric L. Holzman, a son, Dirk Menno

STEVE MANDALA ’85 and SHERYL F. (HANSEN) MANDALA ’86, a girl, Kelly Neely. She is the granddaughter of Albert C. Hansen ’53

KAAREN McCONAUGHY LEE ’85 and D. J. Lee, a son, David Haenam

KRISTEN KAPLANIS McGREGOR ’85 and Richard McGregor, a girl, Anastasia Zoe. She is the granddaughter of Peter Kaplanis ’56, JD ’61, and Joan van Barneveld Kaplanis ’55

F. THOMAS ECK, IV ’86, JD ’89, and Margaret Eck, a son, Brian Thomas. He is the grandson of F. Thomas Eck, III JD ’69

BRENDA (FLORIP) MACEO ’86 and Jim Maceo, a daughter, Monica Paige

CYNTHIA (LYNCH) VAN ECK ’86 and Jan van Eck, a son, Nicholas John. He is the nephew of Melissa Lynch ’89

BRAD BENNETT ’87 and Em Bennett, a daughter, Camille Lee

MIKE FRANCE ’87, a son, Frederick Michael III

KEVIN P. JONES ’87 and Renee Jones, a son, Matthew Perry. Kevin Jones is the stepson of Lloyd Peyton ’52

KRIS KAZARIAN ’87 and Denise Kazarian, a son, Alec Arthur. He is the nephew of Kory Kazarian ’83 and great nephew of Dennis Kazarian MPA ’74

ALAN B. LAWHEAD ’87 and Lynne Lawhead, a daughter, Rachel Anne

STEVEN D. ALLRED ’88 and MILLIE THIGPEN ALLRED ’88, a daughter, Jordan Claire

ERIC BRECKHEIMER ’88 and Shannon Barber Breckheimer, a daughter, Beatrice Ann. She is the great-granddaughter of Harold Breckheimer ’28, the granddaughter of Peter Breckheimer ’63, MS ’70, and Mardi Wulfestieg Breckheimer ’61, MS ’71, and the niece of Heidi Breckheimer Houghton ’90, Rick Houghton ’90, Julie Breckheimer ’95 and Peter Breckheimer II ’98

JENNIFER (HERALD) BROWN ’88 and Karick Brown, a son, Karick Andrew

CHARLES D. GRIFFEN, Jr. ’88 and Susan Davies Griffen, a son, Charles Baxter. He is the grandson of Charles D. Griffen, Sr. ’53 and the late Margaret Griffiths Griffen ’57 and the nephew of Julie Griffen Childs ’81 and Thomas B. Griffen ’85, JD ’88

LISA MAAS JD ’88 and Brian Maas, a daughter, Natalie Rose.

DOUG WETTON ’88 and JILL (KINOSIAN) WETTON, a son, Hunter Aram

TIM BOCK ’89 and Marybeth Bock, a daughter, Payton Elizabeth. She is the niece of Pati Loyd Lacy ’77 and Norm Lacy ’77

JULIE (EISNER) COX ’89 and Michael Cox, a daughter, Kristen Caroline. She is the niece of Stephen Eisner ’89

JEFFREY HATFIELD ’89 and Michelle Hatfield, a son, Brandon Jeffrey

DAVE LATTER ’89 and Cathy Anaya Latter, a daughter, Briana Nicole

INGRA (FANCHER) STIMACH ’89 and Eric M. Stimach, a son, Jack Camden

KIMBERLY (SMITH) TAGLE ’89 and Michael D. Tagle, a daughter, Rachel Nicole. She is the granddaughter of Diana Lee Smith ’91 and the niece of Tamara C. Smith ’86, JD ’89

HEIDI ELENA (DICKSON) TYLER ’89 and Thomas J. Tyler, a son, Joshua Bogdan. He is the grandson of David L. Dickson MA ’68, PhD ’73, and the grand nephew of Richard D. Wilmot ’63 and Elda Wilmot ’63, MA ’64, PhD ’68

RICHARD ROSS JACINTO ’90 and TAMMY (SHAFFER) JACINTO ’90, a son, Richard Jackson

DEBORAH (EMMEY) VAN TIL ’90 and CHAD D. VAN TIL ’91, a son, D. Byan. He is the nephew of Judy VanWinkle Orsini ’68

BRIAN B. “BEN” NORTON ’91 and Kristine D. Norton, a daughter, Katherine Grace

CHRISTINE KRALOVANSKY WAHL ’91 and WILLIAM (B.J.) WAHL ’93, a daughter, Madison Diane. She is the sister of Austin Joseph and the goddaughter of Shawn Sedlacek ’93

LANSING D. McLOSKEY ’92 and Kathleen Jordan-McLoskey, a daughter, Kyrie Jordan

JARRETT DANIEL SADOWSKY ’93 and Dorothy Wilson, a daughter, Samantha Rose

DAVID LEYVA ’95 and KELLY IRELAND LEYVA ’96, a daughter, Olivia Josephine.


KATHARINE FITCH GETCHELL ’20, of Ipswich, Mass.; April 21. She celebrated her 100th birthday with her children 10 days before her death. Born in Colorado Springs, Colo., she moved with her family in 1914 to Southern California, where she eventually settled in San Marino with her husband, Charles W. Getchell, a partner in the ranching and agricultural real estate business of Edwin G. Hart, one of the founders of San Marino. Katharine Getchell was long active in the alumni affairs of USC and of her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha. She served as an officer of the Republican Women’s Club of San Marino and was an active supporter of the Huntington Library and Art Gallery. She is survived by a son and daughter, six grandchildren and a great-grandson.

CHARLOTTE C. HOPKINS ’21, of Rockland, Maine; March 6, after a long illness. Born in Rockland in 1899, she returned there and taught Spanish, English and French in local high schools for more than 20 years. She also taught piano students for several years in her home. She is survived by two nieces, a nephew, a sister-in-law and several great-nieces and nephews.

HELEN J. SEMRAU ’26, of Medford, Ore.; April 11, at the age of 92. Raised in Pasadena, Calif., she taught junior high and high school English, Spanish and Social Studies in Los Angeles after graduating from USC. Following the death of her husband, Victor E. Semrau, in 1970, she continued to be active in the San Clemente Women’s Club and her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. She also taught English as a Second Language and volunteered with the community theater in San Clemente. She is survived by her daughter and by numerous nieces and nephews.

EDSON R. COAR ’28, of Mercer Island, Wash.; March 25. An alumnus of the School of Pharmacy, he was the manager of Abbott Laboratories Western Division prior to his retirement. Coar was a longtime supporter of QSAD Centurion, the support group for the School of Pharmacy. He is survived by his wife, Muriel, a son and a daughter.

RAY ZEMAN ’31, of Long Beach, Calif.; March 28, of a heart attack, at the age of 86. His 40-year reporting career at the Los Angeles Times included stints as chief of the newspaper’s Sacramento and Los Angeles County government bureaus. He joined the Times in 1936 after 1 1/2 years at the old Los Angeles Examiner. He retired in 1976. At USC, he was editor of the Daily Trojan, captain of the debate squad and a member of Skull and Dagger. In addition to his wife, Mary Alice, he is survived by a daughter, a son, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

WILLIAM MORTON O’CONNOR ’35, of Westport, Conn.; March 1, at the age of 79. He was a retired engineer for Allied Signal in Stratford, Conn., who held over 60 patents in the aerospace industry. Survivors include two sons, a daughter and four grandchildren.

RICHARD L. BEAN ’38, of Burbank, Calif.; Dec. 14, of a stroke, at the age of 80. A native of Los Angeles, he was a graduate of the USC School of Journalism. He was elected to Sigma Delta Chi professional journalistic society and was assistant editor of the Daily Trojan during his senior year. He also attended the Advanced Management Program at Harvard University. During World War II, he served as the captain of a Navy mine sweeper. He began his professional career as a reporter for newspapers in Bakersfield, Santa Monica and Inglewood before becoming publicity director of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. In 1951, he joined the public relations staff at Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, advancing successively to public relations director of Lockheed’s operations in Burbank, manager of its New York office, and corporate director of investor relations, the post he held at retirement in 1979. Twice he took leaves of absence to work under Herbert G. Klein ’40 as assistant press secretary on the staff of Richard Nixon – in 1959 to accompany then-Vice President Nixon to Moscow on the occasion of what became known as the “kitchen debate” between Nixon and Nikita Khrushchev, and in 1960 to assist in Nixon’s campaign for president against John F. Kennedy.

FRANK SCOTT HAMILTON JR. ’41, of Los Gatos, Calif.; Dec. 11, following a short illness. He served as a major during World War II and later enjoyed a long, successful career as a packaging sales representative. At USC, he was a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. He was married to Charlaine Hedrick ’40. In addition to her, he is survived by his daughter, Susan Hamilton Lang ’72, a son, son-in-law and three granddaughters.

EDMOND M. CONLON DDS ’43, of Covina, Calif.; Jan. 9. His was among the earliest families living in Covina, where he returned to practice dentistry for over 37 years. He served as a captain in the U.S. Army Medical Corps until his honorable discharge in 1947. He was a lifetime member of the American Dental Association and the Alumni Association of the USC School of Dentistry. Survivors include two daughters, a son, two brothers and numerous grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews and in-laws.

JACK M. CRAMER MEd ’48, of Medford, Ore.; March 31. He is survived by his wife, Margaret F. Cramer ’29, who is a life member of the GAA.

REECE SIMMS CAVE, JR. ’50, of Sacramento, Calif.; Feb. 17, of a heart attack. Born in 1924 in Redondo Beach, Calif., he played football as a freshman in 1942 at USC and participated in the Rose Bowl. His studies were interrupted when he joined the U.S. Navy during World War II and served as recreation director in New Caledonia. After returning home, Cave qualified for the 1948 U.S. Olympic team running high hurdles, but an injury two weeks before the Games forced him out of competition. While at USC, he began acting as an extra at MGM and Universal studios. He moved to Sacramento in 1960 while working for IBM, where he helped design, install and operate the first computer ever used to time athletic events during the speed skating races at the winter Olympic Games at Squaw Valley. In 1969, he resigned from IBM and became a realtor and later formed his own brokerage, Cal-Real. During the ’70s and ’80s, he also resumed his acting career, performing with the Sacramento Music Circus, JayRob Playhouse and the Stagedoor Comedy Playhouse. He was an ardent skier who hosted a weekly ski show on KXTV Channel 10 and appeared in numerous radio and television commercials locally, regionally and nationally. He and his wife, Karla, were featured as models for cruise trips in various travel advertisements and brochures. Besides his wife, he is survived by a daughter, three sons and three grandchildren.

DEAN R. DOLL ’52, of Los Angeles; in December.

WALTER MICHAEL McMAHON ’50, of La Habra Heights, Calif.; Nov. 5, of lung cancer. Born in 1924 in Jersey City, N.J., he served in the Army during World War II and became a biochemist after graduating from USC. Early in his career, he worked for the Federal Food and Drug Adminis-tration, later specializing in protective coatings and corrosion control for the Amercoat (later Ameron) Corporation, located in South Gate and Brea, Calif. In 1976, he took a new position with Reliance Universal Corporation in Houston, Texas, and in 1989 he took a post-retirement job with Southern Coatings of Sumter, S.C. He has numerous patents in his name, authored several published articles in the field of corrosion control and was a 36-year member of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers. His hobbies included reading about politics and science, playing tennis and gardening. In addition to his wife, Patricia, he is survived by a daughter and son, two grandchildren and a sister.

CAROLE GAIL WASSUNG PAUL ’56, of San Juan Capistrano, Calif.; Dec. 20, of cancer. A Southern California native, she lived her adult life in Orange County, where she taught school for the Santa Ana Unified School District until her retirement. She was a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority. She is survived by two sons.

HARRY BLACKSTONE, JR. ’58, of Redlands, Calif.; May 14, of cancer. The world-famous magician was the son of the late Harry Blackstone, Sr., often known simply as “the Great Blackstone.” Blackstone, Jr. joined the act at an early age, appearing and disappearing in some of his father’s tricks when he was six months old. After graduating from USC, he served in the Army Security Agency and then went into the magic business on his own, performing and polishing some of his father’s best-loved tricks. His stage shows featured lavish sets, meticulously prepared props and a large entourage that included musicians, technicians and costumed assistants. He created one of the longest-running magic shows on Broadway and produced special effects for the bands Earth, Wind and Fire and New Kids on the Block. In the early 1990s, he served as the Society of American Magicians’ international ambassador of magic, performing in Europe, Asia, Australia and throughout the U.S. Blackstone was twice named magician of the year by the Academy of Magical Acts, and was awarded the academy’s Star of Magic, an honor he shared with only 11 other magicians, among them his father. His alumni activities for USC included serving as a member of the School of Theatre Board of Councilors, guest lecturing at the school and consulting on student productions requiring magic. He was Commencement Announcer in 1994, 1995 and 1996, and was scheduled in 1997 until his illness prevented it. The Trojan Family enjoyed his pro bono performances at a number of events, including one sponsored by the School of Medicine and the USC Associates “Magic of Giving” dinner celebrating the conclusion of the “Leadership for the 21st Century” campaign. He is survived by his wife, Gay, four daughters, including Bellamie, who plans to enter the USC School of Theatre this fall, and one granddaughter.

DONALD BUTLER KINSTLER PhD ’59, of Hilton Head, S.C.; Feb. 22, due to a heart problem and emphysema. He retired as a professor of audiology at California State University, Los Angeles, in 1981, when he and his wife, Elizabeth, moved to Loomis, Calif., where they raised Arabian horses. He served as a member of the Placer County Grand Jury from 1990 to 1991 and was a volunteer at the Victorian Bernhard House in Auburn, Calif., as well as the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. He was a member of the Auburn SIRS, Elks, Meadow Vista MAC and the CSU Emeritus Association. He is survived by his wife, a brother, three daughters, a son, two granddaughters and one grandson.

GAYLORD KENT HUTH MS ’65, PhD ’71, of Pacific Palisades, Calif.; March 12, after a long illness. He was the co-founder and president of Axiomatix Corporation, an organization devoted to providing independent advanced communications and tracking system design and analyses to U.S. government agencies and to industry. He served in this capacity for 19 years, providing technical analyses of military communications systems and NASA’s Space Shuttle and Space Station communications system, as well as many other programs. In 1990, he joined RAND as a senior member of the Engineering and Applied Sciences Department. In addition to his research, Huth served as the RAND Resident Scholar of Technology, working closely with local universities to build a closer relationship with the engineering schools and technology departments. He had many other interests, among them, traveling to Mayan temples in Central America, sailing the Pacific and skiing. He is survived by his wife, Vicki, and son, Kent, a USC senior.

CHARLES LONG PharmD ’66, of Lake Forest, Calif.; April 1, at the age of 54. A native of Iowa, he graduated with honors from Millikan High School in Long Beach, Calif., where he served as president of the National Honor Society. At USC, he was a member of the SAE fraternity and Rho Chi Honor Society. He was a clinical pharmacist at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, Calif., for the past 23 years. He is survived by his wife, Katherine, a daughter and step-son, his mother and two brothers.

GRAYCE A. RANSOM PhD ’67, of Hillsboro, Ore.; April 10. She was 80 and died of a stroke. The Indiana native began her career as an elementary school teacher and became a nationally recognized authority on how children learn to read, the testing of reading skills and methods of countering reading and learning deficiencies. As director of the National Charity League-USC School in Hollywood for children with reading and learning disabilities, she transformed children who were doing poorly in school into enthusiastic, highly motivated youngsters. She also headed the USC Reading Center, which provided after-school help for children living near USC. In the 1960s, she developed what became known as the Ransom Reading Management System. It was adopted for California schools in the early 1970s and in 1975 she outlined it in a popular book. She also wrote a textbook for teachers, Preparing to Teach Reading. Ransom was a former president of the California Reading Assn. for reading teachers, was on the board of the International Reading Assn., and was on a state task force to revise frameworks for reading instruction. Survivors include two daughters, a son, four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

BRUCE FRANKLIN HOPPER MA ’69, of Los Angeles; April 30, at the age of 59, after a brief illness. A native of Arkansas, he held both undergraduate and graduate degrees in art, speech and drama from the University of Arkansas, where he was a Virgil Baker Scholar. While at USC, he held a graduate school fellowship in vocational rehabilitation. In the 1960s, he taught in public schools in Garden Grove and Pasadena, Calif., and was an instructor in the speech and drama department at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C. While at Wake Forest, he was also technical director of the Tanglewood Summer Theater. For 17 years he served as assistant principal for special education in the Office of the Los Angeles County Superintendent of Schools. During the last nine years, Hopper was a speech pathologist for children with aphasia and severe handicaps in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Survivors include his long-time friend, Jerry Miller, and a brother.

ELAINE LEPEIRS DEMBICER MA ’68, PhD ’77; April 18, 1990, of a brain aneurysm. Born in Buffalo, N.Y., she attended USC on a Fulbright Scholarship. She taught at Los Angeles Pierce Community College in Woodland Hills, Calif., for more than 20 years, becoming an associate professor of history in 1985. When she was hired in 1969 she was the first woman faculty member of the history department. Survivors include her husband, Jeff, two daughters, her parents, one sister and one brother.

DONALD J. GREENE, of Claremont, Calif.; May 13, of natural causes, at the age of 82. He served as the Leo S. Bing Professor of English at USC and was an authority on 18th-century English literature. Born in Canada, he earned a bachelor’s degree in English and classics at the University of Saskatchewan in 1941 and was awarded honorary doctoral degrees from the University of London in 1973 and McMaster University in Canada in 1985. He was appointed to one of the two Leo S. Bing Chairs in 1968 and was the first permanent appointee to either of the chairs. Greene retired and was awarded emeritus status in 1985 and continued to actively write and lecture after his retirement from teaching. Among the several books and articles he authored and co-authored, most were focused on the works and life of Samuel Johnson. He was a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, senior fellow of the Canada Council and honorary member of the Johnson Club in London. He is survived by his son, Richard W. Greene ’84.

DONALD HOLMES HYERS, of Eugene, Ore.; April 13, of leukemia, at the age of 84. He headed the USC department of mathematics from 1945 to 1950 and was an expert in functional analysis and applied mathematics. Born in Los Angeles, he earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at UCLA and a PhD in mathematics (summa cum laude) at Caltech in 1937. After teaching at the University of Wisconsin and Caltech, he joined the USC faculty as an associate professor in 1944. He was named a full professor in 1951 and professor emeritus in 1978. He was a member of the American Mathematical Society, the Mathematical Association of America, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi (the scientific research society), the Caltech Alumni Association, the USC President’s Circle and the USC Retired Faculty Association. Surviving are his wife, Roberta, one son, one daughter, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

GRANT CARPENTER MANSON, of St. Clair, Mich.; March 6, of natural causes, at the age of 92. He was a former professor of fine arts and architecture and associate dean of fine arts and architecture at USC. Manson was recognized as a Frank Lloyd Wright scholar, author and lecturer. Born in Chicago, he was educated at Williams College in Williamstown, Mass., (BA in 1926, graduating cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa) and Harvard University (MFA in 1940 and a PhD in fine arts in 1941). During World War II, he served in Washington, D.C., and London as a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy. Following the war, he remained in Washington and worked for the U.S. Department of State. He began teaching at the University of Pennsylvania in 1953, where he began work on a book, Frank Lloyd Wright to 1910: The First Golden Age, which was published in 1958. He was on the USC faculty from 1961 to 1969. He is survived by two nieces, five grand nephews, cousins and numerous friends.

PATTON “PAT” MOORE, of Los Angeles; April 6. He was a member of Cardinal & Gold and an avid Trojan football fan. He is survived by his wife, Shirley, and three sons.




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