Linda Dean Maudlin: “We want to reach out to freshmen so when they graduate they’ll already be well connected to the Alumni Association.”

Linda Maudlin to lead alumni

New General Alumni Association president has a long history of valuing volunteer contributions and focusing on students.

LONG-TIME USC VOLUNTEER Linda Dean Maudlin will head the General Alumni Association for the 1997-98 academic year.
She is also serving a five-year term on the USC Board of Trustees, which began when she was named president-elect of the Alumni Association last year.
A 1961 graduate of the Marshall School of Business, Maudlin plans to “continue our efforts to increase membership, to form corporate partnerships benefiting our alumni, to sponsor a career conference, to establish a Student Alumni Association, to have the GAA’s own home page on the univer-sity’s website and to be active in the recruitment of outstanding students to USC.”
The goal of increasing membership is tied to the Student Alumni Association, which encourages students to stay involved with USC after they graduate.
“We’ve done a good job of attracting seniors,” she says, “but we want to reach out to freshmen so that when they graduate they’ll already be well connected to the Alumni Association.”

DURING HER TERM, Widney Alumni House, the university’s oldest building, will be moved, to become the focal point of the new entrance to USC. This, she feels, “emphasizes the importance of the Trojan Family to our university.”
The GAA’s 75th anniversary year will also begin during the latter half of Maudlin’s term.
“We’re planning a gala celebration,” she says. “Alumni Awards, Homecoming and all our functions in 1998 will emphasize the 75th anniversary.”
Maudlin is a founding partner of Portfolio Partners, an investment group. She also serves as secretary/treasurer of Descolin, Inc., which deals in all aspects of commercial real estate development and management.
As an alumna, she has been an active member of the General Alumni Association since 1966, when she helped to found the support group Trojan Affil-iates. She went on to serve as president of that organization in 1968-69. She was president of Town and Gown’s Junior Auxiliary for Los Angeles in 1974-75 and has been a member of the association’s Board of Governors since 1975, holding posts ranging from Alumnae Coordinating Council chair to executive committee member and governor-at-large. She served as president of the San Fernando Valley Trojan League from 1981 to 1983.
For her dedication to alumni activities, the association honored Maudlin with an Alumni Service Award in 1978 and the Fred B. Olds Support Group Award in 1988.
Maudlin is a life member of the USC Associates, Women of Troy and the Town and Gown Junior Auxiliary, Los Angeles, as well as a founding member of Com-merce Associates and a patron of Friends of the USC Libraries.
For her service to USC women’s athletics, Maudlin received the Helen of Troy Award in 1992.



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