I Spy

Get out your magic decoder rings and slip on your dark sunglasses and wig. Our Intelligence Officer -- new Last Word puzzler Lee Coltman -- has provided us with the following top secret files, each of which is the dossier of a famous fictional agent. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify the name of the agent and the author of the novel(s) in which the agent appeared.
Report to no one but us. And remember -- if you are captured or killed, we will deny all knowledge of your existence
1. We are looking for the name of the fictional agent and the author of the novel(s) in which the agent appears.
2. Send us your answers by mail, fax or e-mail (see below) so that we receive them by September 15. Be sure to include your name and mailing address on your entry.

3. We will award up to five $30 gift certificates from Borders Books and Music to those highly trained sleuths who send us the correct answers to all six questions. If more than five highly trained sleuths send us the correct answers before the deadline, we will draw the winners by lot.

4. This message will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck!
Send your entries to:

The Last Word
c/o USC Trojan Family Magazine
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089-2537

We will also accept entries by fax:

or via e-mail at magazines@usc.edu

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Last Word Solutions - Summer 1998

1.The first agent is an American who works for the Mitre Corporation and consults for the CIA. He has authored several works, among them Agents and Agencies, and he was busy finishing a biography of an admiral -- sung about by a former Beatle -- when he was interrupted by the unexpected actions of a certain Soviet Naval Captain.

2. Our next spy was a simple salesman living in Cuba until he was recruited by a British MI6 agent named Hawthorne, given the code name 59200/5, and encouraged to spy on a certain German doctor. Our salesman cum spy made up his reports using Lamb’s Tales From Shakespeare and vacuum cleaner schematics. It was an easy way to make money -- until his inventions began to come true.

3. This secret agent is inspired by the real life spy William Stephenson, code named Intrepid. Our fictional version was born in Scotland to parents Andrew and Delacroix in 1924, served in World War II as the Assistant to the Head of the Ministry of Defense, and retired with the rank of Commander. He has since been spotted in such exotic locales as Jamaica, Russia, Las Vegas, and beyond.

4. This British secret agent was last active in the early 20th century. With the aid of Sandy Arbuthnot, Peter Pienaar, and an American agent named John Blinkeron, he once thwarted German plans to start an Islamic jihad against the Allies during World War I. Another of his famous adventures was more-or-less faithfully recorded by Alfred Hitchcock in 1935.

5. This very famous turn-of-the-century Brit occasionally dabbled in foreign affairs but mostly stuck with the domestic variety. Among his other talents, he was an expert in chemistry and in the variety of soils to be found around London. It wasn’t until World War II that he and his long-suffering companion were recruited to help foil the Germans.

6. This secret agent was educated at a Benedictine school in Catalonia and later at Trinity college in Dublin. After further studies in Paris he ended up a ship’s surgeon for a famous British captain. He also works for the Admiralty in its ongoing battle against Napoleon. He plays the flute, is a deadly shot, and is such an avid naturalist that he once brought a 3,900 lb. diving bell on board in order to walk the ocean bottom. To the consternation of the captain, our agent thought that the bell was a good ornament for the poop deck.

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