Neighbors Helping Neighbors

In its third year of operations, USC Neighborhood Outreach has awarded 14 grants to community partnership organizations - with funding provided by donations from USC faculty and staff.

THE USC GOOD NEIGHBORS Campaign has raised $453,154 from 3,072 faculty and staff -- most of it designated for USC Neighborhood Outreach, a nonprofit corporation that funds USC-community partnerships with a visible, positive impact on the neighborhoods near the University Park and Health Sciences campuses. The remainder was targeted for United Way or charities funded through United Way.
With more than three years under its belt, the Neighborhood Outreach program has developed a viable track record, says Jane G. Pisano, senior vice president for external relations and campaign chair.
“People see that the activities of Neighborhood Outreach are well-run with limited resources and a lot of volunteer efforts by USC staff and faculty.”
Fourteen Neighborhood Outreach grants ranging from $11,750 to $40,000 were awarded this year to projects that met one or more of the following objectives:
• Improving the quality of K-12 education and the quality of life of the children who attend neighborhood schools.
• Improving public safety and reducing crime and violence, through community policing or other initiatives.
• Helping organizations that offer oppor-tunities for home ownership to • Long-term, low-income USC employees.
• Supporting projects that result in economic development, including stimulating entrepreneurship, beautifying the neighborhood, and enhancing employability of neighborhood residents.

-- Carol Tucker


Disputes over issues that pit neighbor against neighbor, such as hedge trimming, awaken deep–seated territorial instincts, commented psychologist JoAnn Farver in a front–page Los Angeles Times Real Estate section feature on “Yard Rage.” “It’s part of our basic makeup,” she said. “Socialization doesn’t change those instincts, even when we know logically that we don’t really have to defend our property against our neighbor.”

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