Answers - Winter 1996 Puzzle

What's Your Music IQ?
Our musical odyssey brought forth a number of knowledgeable readers and, once again, taught us a little more than we knew when we started. In particular, we learned how many composers are buried next to one another (questions #9 and #10) and how many different pieces of music were featured in Fantasia (question #18). We also learned that A Chorus Line (question #17) actually won its awards in 1976, not 1975. All in all, trying to be as fair as we could, we selected the following five winners: Brent Samuel ’93, Fred W. Whitehouse, Louis H. Monty ’80, Gayle Serdan M.M. ’90 and David Yee M.B.A. ’87. Their gift certificates are in the mail.

For your springtime enjoyment, we’ve got a colorful array of books waiting in
The Color of Fiction, this issue's Last Word.

1. Symphony No. 8 in B minor
2. Haydn
3. “Emperor Quartet”
4. Bach
5. Chopin
6. Brahms
7. Britten
8. War Requiem
9. Schubert/Beethoven
10. Beethoven/Schubert
11. Louis Armstrong
12. Hello, Dolly!
13. Duke Ellington
14. Ragtime
15. Scott Joplin
16. Ethel Merman
17. A Chorus Line
18. The Rite of Spring (Stravinsky) – among many other pieces.
19. “Adagio for Strings” (Barber)
20. Also Sprach Zarathrustra (R. Strauss)



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