s a Trustee Scholar from 1985-89, Valerie Schultz experienced the program on a slightly smaller scale. She was a member of one of the last classes that numbered only 25. Furthermore, the financial award at that time fell a little short of the current 100 percent tuition grant.
But Schultz found the educational benefits as richly rewarding as do today’s students. She praises the decision to expand the program, citing the benefits of her own experience here.
Now a lawyer specializing in estate planning, the Chicago resident says she could not have attended USC were it not for the scholarship. And once here, she found the program’s environment rewarding on many levels.
“It was a great opportunity to be integrated into an intellectually stimulating community of people,” Schultz says. “It added a new dimension to the college experience.”
Schultz describes her fellow students in the program as “creative, smart, diverse, exciting people.
“I had such a respect for what everyone was doing,” she says, referring to the projects and activities with which her fellow Trustee Scholars involved themselves.
A double-major in broadcast journalism and international relations, Schultz wrote for the Daily Trojan, worked at KSCR and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Mortar Board. During her junior year, she traveled to London to study journalism and international politics. Schultz later earned her law degree at Georgetown University.
Before applying to USC as an undergraduate, Schultz researched many colleges and universities and found that the USC Trustee Scholar program was unique.
“Basically, when you support the program, you’re supporting the future leaders of this country,” she says. l



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