George and Mary Lou Boone

Boone Family Says Thanks to USC
GEORGE AND MARY LOU BOONE of San Marino, Ca., will help to create a state-of-the-art orthodontic clinic at USC.
The Boones, both graduates of the School of Dentistry, have donated real estate valued at more than $1 million to support renovation of the third floor of the dental school’s Norris Dental Science Center, including the creation of an advanced orthodontic clinic and the installation of patient-simulation units for the pre-clinical education of dental students.
The Boones believe their gift is an investment that will make a difference.
“This is our way of saying thank you to all the fine people at USC who have helped us in the past,” George Boone said. “Combined with the Boone Chair, given several years ago, we feel that we have made a significant investment in a fine educational institution.”
The Boones expressed a hope that their gift will motivate others to match it, making possible the funds needed for the entire renovation.
“Our cost-effective renovation plan re-places an earlier plan to house the orthodontic clinic in a new building,” said Howard M. Landesman, dean of the school. “It’s just one of many new and innovative plans that will maximize our resources while keeping the school in a leadership position.”

THE BOONES HAVE contributed generously to the university over the years, “not only financially, but also by sharing their time and talents,” Landesman said.
The George and Mary Lou Boone Chair in Craniofacial Molecular Biology, established by the Boones in 1984, supports the work of Charles F. Shuler and his colleagues in the dental school’s Center for Craniofacial Molecular Biology. Under Shuler’s direction, 15 faculty and 25 to 30 technical/professional staff members collaborate on research projects that seek answers to fundamental questions about genetics and postnatal craniofacial growth.
George N. Boone is a member of the Board of Trustees and has served on the boards of the schools of dentistry, medicine and fine arts. He was a member of the Board of Governors of the General Alumni Association for four years and served as its president in academic year 1989-90. He is a founding member of the Widney Fellows and a charter member of the Lusk Center for Real Estate Development in the School of Urban Planning and Development.
Following a successful career as an orthodontist in San Marino, he organized George Boone Associates, a Southern California real estate and development firm. He currently serves as president of the Boone Foundation.
A former lecturer in the undergraduate orthodontic program, Boone remains a member of the dental school faculty, leading seminars on business management in the school’s advanced specialty programs.
Mary Lou Boone, an expert in French faience and soft-paste porcelain and an active volunteer, earned a bachelor of
science degree in dental hygiene from the School of Dentistry and an M.A. degree from the School of Fine Arts.
Both of the Boones are from families long associated with the university. George Boone’s father earned his master’s degree in education, and Mary Lou Boone’s father, uncle and cousin all earned dental degrees from USC. The Boones are founding members of the USC Presidential Associates and Dentistry Associates support groups.



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