Attorney Sorrell Trope and Linda Trope Donate $1 Million to Law School

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Los Angeles attorney Sorrell Trope, founder and principal of Trope and Trope, the country’s largest law firm specializing in family law, and his wife, Linda Trope, have given $1 million to the USC Law School.
The unrestricted gift, subject to trust, is the latest in a series of gifts expressing the Trope family’s “exemplary dedication to the legal profession and the community it serves,” said Dean Scott H. Bice.
In 1995 Trope established the Trope and Trope/Harriet Buhai Family Law Fellowship, which enables a USC law student to work at the Harriet Buhai Center for Family Law, a public interest, nonprofit organization, during the summer.
“Sorrell’s commitment to preserving the integrity and traditions of family law are unparalleled,” said Bice. “His renewed generosity will further carry forth his ideals, making an impact that will continue well into the next century.”
Trope, who graduated from the Law School in 1949, is credited with revolutionizing the field by creating a firm that is, in itself, a family environment. He introduced a shared-practice concept that enlisted all of the firm’s members in preparing and presenting matters to the courts.
“I owe an enormous amount of my success to my legal education,” he said. “Linda and I are pleased to return some part of my success to the USC Law School. It deserves the best from its graduates.”




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