The Community

“The fifth major triumph I want to mention is the important role USC has played in making visible and sustained improvements in the neighborhoods surrounding both the University Park campus and the Health Sciences campus.”
– Steven B. Sample, State of the University Address, Feb. 27, 2001

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The Community

A Stronger Trojan Family

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About Steven B. Sample

Students from Rosemont Elementary School, where USC participated in 1992 with LAUSD in a statewide science education training program.

Community Focus
“We began this process with three principles in mind. First, we wanted to narrow the focus of our public service programs and concentrate on our immediate neighborhoods, in order to make a visible difference in those neighborhoods. Second, we wanted to form respectful partnerships and real collaborations with our neighbors. And third, we were determined not to engage in ‘urban removal’ – that is, no bulldozing people out of their homes....Our Business Expansion Network is one of the most successful in the state; as a result, scores of small businesses have been started and are thriving in our neighborhoods.”
– Steven B. Sample, State of the University Address, Feb. 27, 2001

Doing Good, and Doing Well
“The University of Southern California has dared to be different, in making a difference and its success has spread far beyond its ivy-draped walls.”
– Time/Princeton Review, in naming USC “College of the Year 2000”

Howard Lappin

Good Neighbors
“In 1990 we were raising about $100,000 a year from faculty and staff contributions to United Way. Today, through the Good Neighbors Campaign, we are raising nearly $650,000 a year through voluntary contributions from faculty and staff, which is a six-fold increase.”
– Steven B. Sample, State of the University Address, Feb. 27, 2001

Point of Convergence
“The University of Southern California has been a point of convergence. I think that’s one of the brilliant points of the diamond of Steve Sample. In the role of an enabling institution, USC stands mightily.”
– Rev. Cecil B. Murray, First African Methodist Episcopal Church, “Decade of Distinction” video, March 2001

Second-graders in USC 32nd Street School.

Embracing the Schools
“USC has been an active partner in this school for the past 10 years. I have readers who come and help my kids read one to one. My kids are safe going to and from school because of Kid Watch. I have kids who are part of the Neighborhood Academic Initiative… Where else can you see a major university embracing schools around it? I don’t know of any model like this one. It is really special.”
– Foshay Learning Center principal Howard Lappin, “Decade of Distinction” video, March 2001

Staying Put
“ ‘I’ve lived here 49 years and most people in the neighborhood felt that USC was this uppity place that didn’t really want to be here,’ says [Juanita Judice]. ‘That’s all changed.’ ”
– Los Angeles Times Magazine, September 17, 2000

“At the undergraduate level alone, 10,000 of our students engage in substantial community service every year; we believe that’s the best record of any college or university in the country.”
– Steven B. Sample, State of the University Address, Feb. 27, 2001

“In my mind, the most unique thing about USC is the relationships it has forged with the surrounding community. USC is right in the middle of the inner city. A lot of institutions would have run from that.”
– USC sociology chair Darnell Hunt, “Decade of Distinction” video, March 2001

Johnny Chavarria, part of the first graduating class of USC’s Neighborhood Academic Initiative.

USC’s Baccalaureate/MD program offers a few talented freshmen guaranteed admission to the Keck School of Medicine.

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