Disciplinary Strengths

“Many of our schools, departments and programs were already strong in 1990, and are still strong today. But several others have achieved real national prominence during the last decade.... We’ve maintained our lead in fields in which we were already strong, while moving up considerably in a number of other disciplines. This is one of the keys to building a great university in the long term.”
– Steven B. Sample, State of the University Address, Feb. 27, 2001
Leavey Library Courtyard

W. French Anderson

Medical Breakthrough
“Three decades ago our medical school was essentially a department of the county health department and was, in many respects, only affiliated with USC. All of the clinical faculty were county employees, and almost all of the facilities were owned by the county. But in a very short period of time the Keck School of Medicine has become a true private university medical school. It has gone from essentially zero to over $100 million a year in private practice income, from essentially zero to over $100 million a year in sponsored research.”
– Steven B. Sample, Annual Address to the Faculty, January 2000

Earthquake Science
“USC has become a crossroads for earthquake scientists from around the world. In the brief time I have been here I’ve probably interacted with more earthquake scientists from more places than I ever have anywhere else, including MIT.”
– Tom Jordan, director, Southern California Earthquake Center, “Decade of Distinction” video, March 2001

Communications Mecca
“Giving a major boost to Los Angeles’ hopes of becoming the world capital of the fledgling multimedia industry, the National Science Foundation is expected to announce today that USC has won a hard-fought competition to become the country’s only national engineering research center for multimedia… USC was chosen over UC Berkeley, Columbia University in New York and a number of ot

Students in USC’s Museum Studies program gain curatorial experience in the USC Fisher Gallery.

her institutions. ‘Our vision is to make Southern California the Multimedia Valley the way Stanford University gave rise to the Silicon Valley,’ said Chrysostomos L. ‘Max’ Nikias, the director of USC’s Integrated Media Systems Center, where the research center will be based.”
– Los Angeles Times, May 23, 1996

The Arts
“Taken together, our five excellent professional schools in the arts – cinema-television, music, architecture, fine arts, and theatre – probably constitute the strongest offering in the arts of any university in the nation. Other universities could match or best us in particular areas (save for cinema-television), but none have the combined overall strength in the arts that we do.”
– Steven B. Sample, Annual Address to the Faculty, January 2000

The Human Genome
“Computational genetics, a modern synthesis of computer science, mathematics and molecular genetics, is an essential component of the new science of genomics. Many think it will steer biotechnology into a new era of medical wonders… The work of Michael Waterman, [a professor of mathematics, biological sciences and computer science] and his colleagues places the university at the top of the pivotal field of computational biology. ‘They are true pioneers,’ said Joseph Aoun, dean of USC’s College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. ‘They are trailblazing in a field that is of utmost importance for human health and for the growth of knowledge.’”
– USC Chronicle, Jan. 8, 2001

What’s Entertainment?
“Here in the city where ‘entertainment’ means everything from a televised freeway chase to a multimillion-dollar movie, the University of Southern California is embarking on an ambitious interdisciplinary effort to study entertainment as a defining concept of 21st-century life.”
– New York Times, Jan. 24, 2000

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