A Stronger Trojan Family

“Who is a part of the Trojan Family? Who is actually under the Trojan tent? Well, it’s a very, very big tent. It includes alumni, students, parents of students, faculty, staff and emeriti. It includes members of our Board of Trustees and of our boards of councilors, along with donors, athletic fans and neighborhood partners.”
– Steven B. Sample, State of the University Address, Feb. 27, 2001

Steven Sample with students

USC Trustee Kenneth Leventhal

The Trojan Family
“An extraordinary closeness and willingness to help one another are evident among USC students, alumni, faculty and staff; indeed, for those within its compass the Trojan Family is a genuinely supportive community. Alumni, trustees, volunteers and friends of USC are essential to this family tradition, providing generous financial support, participating in university governance, and assisting students at every turn.”
– The Role and Mission of the University of Southern California, February 1993

Lifelong and Worldwide
“Our Alumni Association has worked tirelessly to strengthen the Trojan Family. The association has an important new strategic plan aimed at increasing alumni participation in the life of this university. They have a new slogan: ‘The Trojan Family – lifelong and worldwide,’ which I believe captures both the spirit and the reality of USC.”
– Steven B. Sample, State of the University Address, Feb. 27, 2001

USC senior vice president Jane Pisano, USC Alumni Association past president Richard Cook, and USC associate vice president for alumni relations Judith Blumenthal.

Keep the Connection
“As international Trojans leave Los Angeles to take up their lives on other continents, the university strives to keep the connection alive. With more than 26,000 foreign alumni, USC now operates international offices in Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. These regional offices recruit qualified students, act as a liaison between parents and students at USC, foster cooperative teaching and research with Pacific Rim schools and businesses, and aid international fund-raising.”
– USC Trojan Family Magazine, Autumn 2000

A Global Institution
“USC is pluralistic, welcoming outstanding men and women of every race, creed and background. We are a global institution in a global center, attracting more international students over the years than any other American university.”
– The Role and Mission of the University of Southern California, February 1993

An 11-year-old camper in Trojan Island Adven-ture at the Wrigley Institute on Catalina.

Part of the Family
“What I’ve gained from USC is the ability to say I am a Trojan. I belong to a large network of people, of alumni, of great educators and great professionals. I’m a part of a family.”
– USC undergraduate Alex Venegas, “Decade of Distinction” video, March 2001

Strengthening the Bonds
“All USC graduates should have the resources of the university available when they need them, whether that means help with a career, contact with other alumni or a means to continue their volunteer service after graduation. In this way, we will strengthen the bonds of the Trojan Family.”
– Steven B. Sample, USC Trojan Family Magazine, Summer 2000

“‘I don’t want USC to be the Harvard of the West or the Stanford of the South. That’s a loser approach. You can’t copy your way into excellence. I want USC to be widely regarded as one of the very best universities in the United States.’ [Sample] thinks a moment and then adds: ‘And not only regarded as that, but, in fact, to be one of the very, very best.’”

– Los Angeles Times Magazine, Sept. 17, 2000

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A Stronger Trojan Family

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