Answers - Autumn 2000 Puzzle

Oh, Tommy!

Trojans certainly know their Tommys. Only 16 of the 131 readers who entered the Autumn 2000 “Last Word” contest were in any doubt about our Thomases. One contestant, John S. Jensen ’75, blew us away with his mastery of Tommy trivia. In addition to solving all our clues, he voluneered a long list of candidates we had overlooked. A sampling: the Midwest’s Tommy (Wisconsin governor Tommy G. Thompson); the army recruiter’s Tommy (or Tommy Atkins, a generic nickname for a British soldier); Tommygoff (a jumping viper); Tommy ruff (an Australian herring); tommyrot (English slang expression meaning “utter foolishness or nonsense”), the bovine world’s Tommy (Thompson’s gazelle); Tommy bar (a workman’s tool); and The Tommyknockers (Stephen King’s 1988 thriller).
If ingenuity counted, Mr. Jensen would surely be receiving a Border’s gift certificate. As it is, he’ll have to settle for fame. Our five winners – chosen randomly from the 115 “in-Tommy-table” Last Worders who submitted correct entries – were Tommy Kenna MSSM ’93 (great name!), Alan H. Sarkisian JD ’80, Jacqueline Rucker ’87, Kathie Eichfeld and Janet Fay Moralez MA ’87.
The correct answers to “Oh, Tommy!” are listed below. It you’re looking for a puzzle that’ll bring out the train-hopping, harmonica-hooting hobo in you, check out our
“Riding the Rails” quiz.

1. Tommy Lee Jones
Tommy Lasorda
Tommy Gun (or Thompson Sub-machine Gun)
Tommy Hilfiger
5. Tommy Burns
6. Tommy Tune
7. Tommy, the rock opera by The Who (or Tommy Walker)
Tommy Dorsey
9. Tommy’s Original World Famous Hamburgers (or founder Tommy Koulax)
10. Tommy Hitchcock Jr.


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