David Brubaker: “The Trojan Family is the strongest asset of the USC Alumni Association. We want to make the association more inclusive and responsive to all USC alumni.”

Trojan Business Savvy

Entrepreneur David Brubaker ’67 brings energetic and dedicated leadership to his presidency of the USC Alumni Association.

DAVID BRUBAKER likes to make a go of businesses. A two-degree alum who earned his B.S. in 1967 and an MBA a year later, he is currently president and chief executive officer of the Feeling Fine Co., a marketer of science-based nutritional supplements that is doing, well, very fine thank you.
This year, as president of the USC Alumni Association, he plans to focus his skills on continuing the implementation of the association’s five-year strategic plan. Adopted in 1999, the plan calls for a dramatic restructuring of alumni relations at USC.
“With the help of staff and volunteers, we’ve created a five-year strategic plan,” he explains, calling for an increase in staffing, a significant expansion of programming, plus the construction of a new alumni home.
“We have an opportunity to run the Alumni Association as a business,” he says. “I start and build businesses. I view most things in terms of marketing – that’s my background.
“The Trojan Family is the strongest asset of the Alumni Association,” Bru-baker emphasizes. “We want to make the association more inclusive and responsive to all USC alumni.” He is leading the association’s efforts to generate sources of income, build in profitability and at the same time “really offer alumni tangible benefits.”
Not surprisingly, product-value is important to Brubaker. “My focus is on making the value of the USC Alumni Association very important and meaningful to all the members of the Trojan Family. That’s why our themes are ‘keep the connection’ and ‘lifelong and worldwide.’ ”
He readily ticks off some of the primary benefits offered by the expanded, revitalized and more service-oriented Alumni Association:
• Automatic membership for all USC alumni, eliminating the former requirement of paid membership.
• A partnership with the USC Career Planning and Placement Center to provide specialized career services to alumni.
• A sophisticated interactive website that provides a number of online services, including a permanent USC alumni e-mail address available to all alumni.
• A partnership with USC’s Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies on Catalina Island to create a new alumni family camp, called Trojan Island Adventure.

ONE OF BRUBAKER'S GOALS as president is to put in place a plan of action for a new alumni center on campus. “We need to bring a plan to the university to build it and pay for it,” he explains in his Marina del Rey office.
Another goal during his year as president is to combine his business travel with visits to every major Trojan Club in the country. It’s all part of his goal of “making membership more valuable to the Trojan Family,” he says. “It’s important that we don’t take all of our alumni throughout the world for granted.”
In addition to his Alumni Association presidency, Brubaker is chairman of the board of the USC/Kenneth Norris Jr. Cancer Hospital. His company, Feeling Fine, was founded in 1997 by Brubaker and nationally recognized physician Art Ulene, who is also on the USC/Norris board. Working to improve public health, the firm markets Dr. Art Ulene’s Nutritional Formulas, available in more than 25,000 stores across the country. It also distributes educational books and home video/audio programs focusing on wellness and health maintenance topics.


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