CASE Annual Conference for Development Researchers


Presented by
 Nancy Ellis Taylor
Associate Dir./Devel. Research, University of Southern California

 Geoffrey DeWitt
Director of Research and Grants, The Bolles School

I. The Basics - Capacity, Caring and Connections

        A. What You Need to Know

                1. From Research - Basic Wealth ID
                         Basic Wealth ID FAQs and Form

                2. From Legwork - Contact Reports

        B. Perspectives

                1. Small Shop vs. Big Shop

                2. K-12 vs. University

II. Research Resources

        A. Web Freebies
             Individual Research Webliography

        B. Pay-Per-View

III. The Undoables (Well, almost...)

        A. Stock Stoppers: Non-insiders, past holdings

        B. Valuation Variations: Real estate, business

        C. Secret Salaries: Private company challenges

IV. Questions