Saturday, August 16, 2003

10:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

Organizing and Managing Research Resources

Session URL: http://www.usc.edu/dept/source/Presentations.htm

Presented by

Nancy Ellis Taylor
Associate Director of Development Research
University of Southern California

A session during which we put on our thinking caps and discover how to save time, money and exasperation by using the Web to its best advantage.

I. First: Organize Your Brain

Remember: The Web does not work without your brain.
A. What am I looking for? Answer: The 3Cs
    1. Connection (Links to your organization)
    2. Caring (Interest in your cause)
    3. Capacity (Money to give you)
    Remember: Your job is NOT to search Animal Planet for the proper spelling of "Crikey."

    B. Where Do I Go Now? Answer: Methodology is Your Web Map

      1. Methodology #1: Organize by question
    a. Quick Request: Level 1

    Ex.: What's the address? How much do they give annually? Are they on the board?
    Key: no analysis involved
    Purpose: find a fact fast

    b. Research Brief: Level 2
    Ex.: How much stock do they own? Do they own any real estate? Can I have a brief bio? (these can be combined in one report)
    Key: some analysis involved
    Purpose: initial identification of prospect potential

    c. Find Everything!: Level 3
    Ex.: What should I know before I make that $5 million ask?
    Key: requires analysis and correlation of a wide variety of sources
    Purpose: background for making the "mega gift" ask or background for a personal meeting the president of your organization will have

    Remember: The right question will lead you to the right Web resource.  
2. Methodology #2: Go Electronic
  a. Create Standard Forms

Example: USC's WealthID


b. Use a regular set of Web sites (see II below)

Remember: Block moving is good for you.
II. Become Web Master in Your Spare Time or Paying Homage to USC
A. Go Where Researchers Have Gone Before

Remember: In Hollywood one does not steal an idea, one pays homage.

1. Look for resource lists: SF Foundation Center Periodicals List

2. Look for Web pages: APRA Research Links

3. Look for Libraries: Foundation Center Libraries & Cooperating Collections

4. Look at the L: PRSPCT-L

B. Find a Home: A Tour of Yahoo!

http://www.yahoo.com/ Sampling:

1. Finance: For Stock , Insiders, Bio, Business Descriptions questions & more

2. Real Estate: For home value questions

3. Mail: To get the questions sent to you

4. Calendar: How to organize answering your questions

5. Groups: Find more answers to questions

6. People Search: Answer phone & address questions

7. My Yahoo!: Customize to keep those answers at your fingertips

C. Take Me, I'm Yours: A Tour of NETSource & the Development Research Power Tools
  1. Creating an Homage to NETSource

    a. Editing in Explorer

    b. Editing in Netscape

Remember: Collecting Bookmarks/Favorites may be fun, but a Web site saved to disk is yours forever.  
2. NETSource & the Power Tools:  The Tour

Development Research Power Tools


a. Sources of the 3Cs

b. Methodology Web Map

c. Money Saving Freebies

d. Custom Extras (Martindale-Hubbell, Local News, etc.)

III. Your Final Answer: Know to When to Quit
See "Am I DoneYet?" from CARA Summer Conference 2001



Reminder: Don't worry about writing down all the URLs in this session.
This presentation is linked to NETSource, which is available for free on the Web.
Bookmark it today!


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