Thursday, May 31, 2001
3:00 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.

"Am I Done Yet?"

Presented by

Nancy Ellis Taylor
Associate Director of Development Research
University of Southern California

I. Before You Dive in, Deal with the Big Questions

    A. "Why am I here?"
        And the Rearsearcher answer is: "To locate the prospects 3Cs: Connection to my organization, Caringfor my
        organization and Capacity to give to my organization."

    B. "Has anyone ever done this before?"
        And the Researcher answer is: "To avoid duplication of effort and better plan research, I  always review
        in-house databases and hardcopy files before hitting the Web."

    C. "What AM I doing?"
        And the Researcher answer is: "Answering a specific research question and planning my work accordingly."

II. Dive! Dive! Dive! or Methodology! Methodology! Methodology!

    A. Define a Methodology #1: What's the question?

        1. Quick Request: Level 1
            Ex.: an address look up or a copy of the most report or a quick real estate list
            Key: no analysis involved
            Purpose: find a fact fast

        2. Research Brief: Level 2
            Ex.: research just stock, real estate & previous giving or pull together a brief bio
            Key: some analysis involved
            Purpose: initial identification of prospect potential or quick update for a meeting
            See also: WealthID form below

        3. Find Everything!: Level 3
            Ex.: Find Everything!
            Key: requires analysis and correlation of a wide variety of sources
            Purpose: background for making the "mega gift" ask or background for a personal meeting the
            president of your organization will have
            See also: Super Profile form below

    B. Define a Methodology #2: Learn specific strategies

        1. The WealthID:

        2. Researching Private Companies:

        3. Finding Stock:

    C. Use Standard Forms

        1. The WealthID Form

        2. The Super Profile Form

            a. Cover

            b. Profile

    D. Organize Your Resources

        1. NETSource:

        2. Development Research Power Tools:


    E. Promote Reasonable Expections: "With a $300K budget, 3 months and no ethics, I could find that!"
                                                                (quote from Nancy ET in facetcious mode)

        1. Professional Ethics: No hacking allowed!

        2. Available Resources: Sometimes you have to pay
            ex. Lexis-Nexis (full-text database):

        3. Time Expectations: There may be a library visit in your future

            Special Bonus: Time Saving Tips

            a. Go in with a plan (see above)

            b. Look for "One-Stop Shopping"
                ex. Hoover's Online:
                Save 3 hours!

            c. 5-Minute Rule

                Corollary: The 3-click rule

            d.. Search Engine Strategy: Go last. Go Google.

            e. Dragon Drops: The joys of the block move

            f. Email a page: An immediate gratification report!

            g. Updates & Alerts
                ex. Yahoo!Finance:

III. Your Final Answer: Learn to Let Go


Reminder: Don't worry about writing down all the URLs in this session.
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