Selected Sites for Smart Agent Software
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Forbes People Tracker -- Follow major executives and more

Software to keep watch over and collect the news on important corporate, foundation and individual prospects
For-fee service that searches huge news database and send email alerts
Dow Jones Interactive
Another for-fee service that searches thousands of news sources and sends email alerts
My News Profile
Part of the L.A. Times; keyword searches Times, AP and affiliated community papers; Free!
The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition
For-fee with WSJ; handy programmable search agent in Personal Journal Section
For keeping tabs on specific corporations and industries; includes screensaver; needs a lot of memory (RAM) to work well; Free!
Somewhat programmable. Sign up for My News.com. Sends a pretty cool electronic newsletter once a week with the latest in software and tech company news. Free! (reviewed by M.Lynch)
Northern Light
Searches free & for-fee databases; sends email alerts
EXCITE: My Channel
Programmable; great coverage; name searches
News junkie's delight; create a custom newspaper to visit on the Web with links to actual news home pages
Delivers wide variety of news (everything from tv schedules to world news) via custom emails to your computer
         Searchable by public company ticker only; newswire & SEC document coverage;  free
Does a Web search for a limited number of topics; sends email when new info appears; free
Searches SEC filings for a person's name; will send email when new filing mentioning pre-selected person appears; free
Smart Agent/Clipping Agent Review
1999 overview of what USC was covering
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