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San Jose Mercury News- Great for Silicon Valley news; one week free archive

Links to newspapers in the U.S. and around the World

Welcome to The Electric Library!
Fabulous, full-text source for searching a wide variety of U.S. and foreign newspapers and newswires. Reasonably priced. Free Trial!
Newspaper Archives on the Net
Locate full-text archives online
Los Angeles Times Web Site (CA)
from 1/90; free list of search result titles; charge to view entire article
Los Angeles Downtown News (CA)
Business & dining & entertainment news for downtown Los Angeles. Searchable archives 
Deja News
Search Internet newsgroups
News, Weather & Events (HI)
Links to news sources for Hawaii
Editor & Publisher's Online Newspapers
Fine collection of links to newspapers around the world
Boston Globe Archives(MA)
Free searches; fee for full text articles
USC Media Resources
USC's links to various media sites
Full Text & Free
USC Development Research's links to periodicals with full-text, free searchable archives
USC Development Research's links entertainment business news
AJR Newslink
U.S. and international papers, including campus newspapers
New York Times(NY)
Current news plus CyberTimes and Web Specials
The Drudge Report
Links to the lastest wire stories

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