Selected Sites for Fee-For-Service Research

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Dow Jones Interactive- Huge publications library featuring the Wall Street Journal

New and developing list of commercial/fee-for-service databases accessible via the Web; some sites offer access to their products, some are currently information-only sites

Access to hundreds of databases, many full text; some archives all the way back to the 70s; Web site has a few freebies
Dialog Bluesheets
Free-to-view descriptions of all of the Dialog databases plus pricing
Dun & Bradstreet
Outstanding resource for private company information
Moody's Investors Service
Source for detailed company profiles
A valuable source for real estate searches
CDA Investnet
Where to go to get your database screened for all those mega-wealth holders
The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition
Dow Jones archives access; lots of useful tools: smart agent, stock tracker, business profiles
Product info site; similar to Dialog; also Nexis is key database for legal research
Available via USC PASSWORD ONLY. Ask your LEXIS-NEXIS rep about this excellent resource

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