Selected Sites for Planned-Giving Research

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Hugh's Mortgage and Financial Calculators-Fun collection;you can even calculate how wealthy your are now

Resources for the planned-giving professional, including related investment and regulation sites
Planned Giving Today
Newsletter with index of selected articles, links to other web sites and a humorous anecdote section
Mark Welch's Estate Planning Home Page
Don't let this simple index fool you; great site that includes celebrity wills, death-related sites, and scads of other legal and estate planning links
Charitable Remainder Trust Planning
Fun site; learn about CRTs; free calculator download and lots of planned giving links from V.W. Henry & Associates
PG Calc
Home page of the popular planned-giving software with links to resources, such as insurance rates, tax information and even discussion groups
Recer Companies Overview
Includes planned-giving web letter and the page itself is an example of selling planned-giving services over the Net
Menke & Associates, Inc.
Everything you always wanted to know about ESOPs
IRS - The Digital Daily
Keep up with tax regs and rulings via the IRS' home page
Bonds Online
Resources for fixed income investing; nifty links all over the Web financial realm
Gift Law Bulletin
The Univ. of Texas System's news and guidelines
International Mission Board Estate Planning Menu
Learn it all here; lots of explanatory links
What is a Charitable Remainder Trust?
Prudential Securities answers the question

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