36.181 US
    Terrier Black Brant (MOD 2) 36.181 US is a two stage, solid propellant, rail launched, guided, fin-stabalized sounding rocket. The first stage fin cant is set at 60 minutes to produce a first stage burnout roll rate of 2.5 Hz. The second stage fin cant is set at 21.2 minutes to produce a second stage burnout roll rate of 4.0 Hz. This vehicle will be launched from the Athena launcher at LC-36.

    The vehicle is 15.29 meters tall, including the Payload, Black Brant VC, and Terrier Mk-70.

    Terrier Black Brant, WSMR
    White Sands Missile Range, NM
    More on Terrier-Black Brant, Penn State

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