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University of Southern California

Positions Available

Undergraduate students at USC are encouraged to speak with their advisor and make inquiries with the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Directed Research (PHYS490x) opportunities are available to undergraduates interested in physics, space science, or astronautics. There are no work-study positions open at this time.

Graduate Students
Graduate students should visit their graduate advisor at USC and direct all inquiries for Teaching Assistantships (and Research Assistantships) to the Department of Physics and Astronomy. If you have already been awarded a TA position with the physics department and are interested in working with the Space Sciences Center, contact Dr. Didkovsky.

Scientists and Professionals
All professionals seeking positions at the Space Science Center must go through the Employment Office. More information for applications are available at USC website. There is currently ONE funded position opened at the Space Science Center (see https://jobs.usc.edu)

Note: Please do not send resumés and letters of intent directly to members of the Space Sciences Center Team.
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