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University of Southern California

Missions-SEH-2 Pictures

SEH-2 Integration

1) Fuzzy works on SEH-2 instrument assembly
2) Flight harness checks
3) SEH-2 EUV spectrometer on turbo-pump
4) SEH-2 EUV spectrometer with GSE display
5) Don & John looking for loose change
6) "It'll never fit..."
7) "SEH-2 is in the can!"
8) John almost "In the can"...
9) SEH-2 isolation checks
10) SEH-2 isolation checks
11) Bulkhead fit checking
12) Bulkhead fit checking

EMI Testing

14) SEH-2 on the bridge in the EMI chamber
15)"That looks about right"
16)"One more..."
17) SEH-2 with official USC flight patches
18) Fuzzy looking for a candy bar he stowed away
19) Don looking for that same candy bar
20) SEH-2 instrument with the bulkhead removed

GSFC Joint Integrated Simulation

21) Kat reviews upcoming events
22) Fuzzy starts the late shift
23) The IEH-2 Mission Manager shows signs of cracking
24) Meanwhile, the USC crew hones their skills
25) Orbital Mechanics or Beer's Law?
26) Dreaming of a successful flight
27) Tom Dixon looking for the comics

SEH-2 Postflight Checkout

28) SEH2 spectrometer back in the laboratory for post flight testing
29) Tell-Tale Crack in the SEH2 spectrometer's MCPs which occurred after reentry.


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