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    Author: WU-C-Y-R; CHEN-F-Z; HUNG-T; JUDGE-D-L

    Title: Studies of Fluorescence from Photoexcitation of N2 and CO2 in the 28-100 eV Region

    Source: Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena, 80, (1996): pp.13-16.

    Abstract: Fluorescence excitation functions produced through the photoexcitation of N2 and CO2 using synchrotron radiation in the range 28-100 eV have been studied. Two broadband detectors were employed to simultaneously monitor fluorescence in the 1080-3000 A and 3000-7000 A regions, respectively. Broad Fluorescence peaks are observed and are interpreted in terms of dissociative ionization excitation of multiple electronic states, ion states and Rydberg states converging to multiply charged N2 and CO2 (i.e., N2m+ and CO2m+ for m=1-3). We have also studied the temperature effect on the relative fluorescence yield of CO2 in the 28-60 eV region. It was found that the VUV fluorescence yields in the 28-40 eV region increase as sample temperature increases from 295 K to 650 K suggesting that the fluorescence produced by the photon excitation of CO2 hot bands may be important.

Language: eng.

Pub. Type: Journal Paper

References: 29

ISSN: 0368-2048

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