This page is designed to bring into the computer age our graduate student network. It will be used primarily for two purposes: 1) to distribute information, and 2) to establish and support graduate student community. This page is not the Sociology Department Page. Rather we are a separate, recognized student group (read: free from much of the bureaucracy). Though there may be more in the future, right now we are attempting to update important information, sociology resources, and opportunities to be brought to the attention of all interested graduate students.

This year, your graduate representatives are: Julie Park, Kristen Nies, Peter Levin, and Carlos Royal. As reps, we are your liaison between the graduate students and the university, our department in particular. In addition, we are the acting officers of the SSA, the Sociology Student Association. This is the university-wide, recognized organization through which we get operating funds each year. Finally, we are here to support events, groups, interests, social activities, or whatever to benefit all graduate students.

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