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The USC expedition team findings and pictures
and updated daily reports from the expedition


Links to Other Sites With Information on the Tsunami:

  • NOAA/PMEL, Seattle, Washington
    Offers preliminary simulations and source mechanisams

  • Russian Tsunami Research
    Comprehensive preliminarry site with several maps, source mechanisms, and other information such as past earthquakes and tsunamis in the region. Also has links for future information on field survey and publications.

  • The USGS
    Menlo Park, Ca. Offers an animation of the event, links to other information and general information on tsunamis.

  • Alaska
    Tsunami Warning Center. A very comprehensive site.

  • Australian News Service
    Many stories on the human toll and status of relief efforts. Listed chronologically by day since it was first reported

  • Yahoo's
    list of latest news and information on the event

  • Photos from the event
    Sent to us by other tsunami researchers, mews photos from other sources.

  • The Whyfiles
    A page set up by the National Institute for Science Education. A very well done site with many links

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