Observations from the Camana Area

 Photos from Outlying Areas of Camana


 Photos from Greater Camana Area

First we stopped off for an over view of the damage in the Los Cerillos/La Punta area. Incredible damage, inundation distances to the highway, maybe 1-km inland. We continued our tour to the south going along the beach road and around a headland to the Las Cuevas beach.

Las Cuevas
Site of some new construction and a caretaker's house. During the shaking, the caretakers feared of a landslide on the sand cliff behind the house. They ran out on to the beach to get away from the hillside. After the shaking stopped they saw the entire wave series. I am not sure if they climbed back up the hill after they noticed the sea withdrawing. However the man reported that the third surge was the largest.

Blue House
After deciding to break into groups and do transects in 1-km distances, we stopped at the Blue House, later renamed the Blue Church. Inundation distances were ~250 m with over 4 m of uncorrected runup. The back walls of the church were blown out and the inside was littered with debris and sand. Huge chunks of wall were inside that presumably came from the structures that were demolished between the blue church and the sea.

Los Cerillos - 1
Measured by Koshi, Vasily and Emile while I was at the blue house. Many more structures in this area. Most just partially standing.

Los Cerillos ­ 2
Measured by Modesto and Daniel at the same time as the previous two. After this we met for lunch.

KM 840
Measured by Modesto and Daniel after lunch

KM 838
Our post lunch site. Inland penetration to the highway and up onto the road bed. Total distance was nearly 800 m over croplands, irrigation ditches, and field dividers. A building at the shoreline had watermarks near the 4-m height.

KM 836
Measured by Vasily, Koshi and Emile after lunch.

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