Observations from the Ilo Area

A nifty port town. Lots of life. One report of a positive wave from an old man who lived in the 'corner' of Ilo Bay. The water surged up to his wall, over 2 m runup. Photo above left. No damage. The man was kind of crazy looking and kind of strange. Questionable data point. The team split up, half went north, half went south. Nothing of significance found by either team. A skin-diver north of town said that he was not on the beach at the time but his friends said the water with drew shortly after the earthquake but did not rise above normal sea level. A guard with a big shotgun at the copper mine just north of Ilo said his brother was on duty at the time of the quake. He said that his brother said the water withdrew after the quake and stayed out for a long time (30 min or so) and slowly returned to normal. North of Ilo is all rock reef south of Ilo is a big wide sand beach.

The team regrouped in Ilo and started the long drive back to Camana. 6 hrs through the desert. 10-hrs road time for 1 questionable data point.

Arrived Camana by 9 p.m.

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