Costas Synolakis

Birthplace: Athens, Georgia

Undergraduate Education: Caltech, BS, MS, PhD.

Research Areas: Tsunami runup, computer tomography, vibration, isolation of art objects, earthquake hazards reduction, primate grooming behavior.

Other Languages: German, Greek

Favorite Music: Mozart, Puccini, Verdi, Glass, Hatzidakis

Favorite Movies: Liaison Dangereuses, Missing, From the Life of the Raichlenettes, Satyricon, Prospero's Books, Tidal Wave, Brazil, Cazablanca

Favorite Books: Russel's Introduction to Western Philosophy, The Name of the Rose, Zorba the Geek, the French Lieutenant's Woman, the Trial, Antigone, Byzantium, The Persian Boy, Symposium, Fountainhead, Ann Rice's Beauty Series, Rhinocerus, the Handbook of Mathematical Functions.

Favorite Food: feta cheese, black olives, and ouzo

Favorite Vacationing Spots: Maui, Bali, Ban Boran, Vanuatu, Guyamas, Porto Rafti


Curriculum Vitae: CV in PDF format. you will need acrobat reader

Dr. Synolakis' Art: September 11, 2001.