Turkey Earthquake
August 17, 1999 3:00am Magnitude-7.4

Izmit Bay Tsunami Survey

Aug 22 - 26, 1999

A large Earthquake occured in Western Turkey on the Northern Anatolian Fault. Along with this earthquake, it was suspected that a tsunami also occurred along the coast of Izmit Bay, in the Sea of Marmara. A Survey team from USC went to Turkey on Saturday August 21, 1999 to investigate reports of a tsunami.

The team consisted of Dr. Ahmet Yalciner a visiting USC professor who is from Turkey, Dr. Costas Synolakis, and Jose Borrero. Joining the group on the second day were Martin Eskijian and John Freckman of the California State Lands Commision, whose interests were the effect of the earthquake and tsunami on marine oil transfer facilities..

The group was able to determine that the reports of the tsunami were true with maximum runup of 2.5 m along the northern coast of the bay and 1 to 2 m on the southern coast.


words and numbers in red are links to the photos and descriptions of that region
The numbers are in the order which we surveyed the area.

Animation of a slump generated tsunami. View from the south (712 kb)


Animation of a slump generated tsunami. View from the west. (832 k)


Animation of a tsunami generated by subsidence. View from the West (808 kb)

Day 1 Pictures from Izmit Bay,Turkey:

Brick road with debris scattered everywhere

A collapsed building in Turkey.

Buildings along coastline of Izmit Bay that are still flooded a week after the earthquake and tsunami.

Izmit Bay coastline hit by tsunami.

Turkish buildings flooded by water.

Jose Borrero talking to a reporter and Dr. Yalciner.

Collapsed street near coastline

(from left to right) Dr. Yalciner, Dr. Synolakis, and Jose Borrero on Turkish television.

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